The Meralco Orange Tag + Power Lab Tour

The Meralco Orange Tag + Power Lab Tour

Before moving in to our new home last year, we were very excited to shop for our appliances. Our list comprised of air conditioner, refrigerator, electric fans, rice cooker, washing machine, and a flat iron. What we did first was we went into an appliance center and canvassed for brands that would fit our budget. We noticed there’s a yellow label on each model and brand of refrigerator containing the EER. We asked the staff helping us about it because we wanted to also consider the efficiency of the appliance that we were buying. The only explanation he was able to give us is that the higher the number on the yellow label, the more energy saving it is. Owwwkay.

It wasn’t much of an explanation but we had nothing but that so we bought the appliance with the highest EER that would fit our budget. I bet every consumer who wants to buy an electric appliance encounters the problem we encountered. Good thing Meralco came up with the Meralco Orange Tag.

The Meralco Orange Tag + Power Lab Tour

The Meralco Orange Tag is a label that shows how much estimated cost consumption of an appliance per average use. It is much easier to understand because it’s in Peso. Aside from the cost consumption, the estimated energy consumption and rate is also indicated as well as more information about the appliance.

With The Meralco Orange Tag, consumers are more informed enabling them to make smart decisions based on what their needs are. They are not only empowered when making decisions in buying, they are also empowered in using the appliances they already have at home because they know how much they’re going to pay when they use it.

The Meralco Orange Tag + Power Lab Tour

Did you know that your fridge runs on ₱15 – ₱20 per day? Or that your rice cooker cooks your rice for an estimated cost of less than ₱2 only?

The Meralco Orange Tag + Power Lab Tour

Yep, you can put a lot of things on perspective if you know how much your electric appliances consume.

What’s nice about the Orange Tag is that you’ll be able to compare the different appliances and how much it would cost to use them. Would it be beneficial to buy a more expensive inverted appliance versus a regular appliance? It depends on how will you use them, really. But it’s nice to know that we have the power to make a smart decision because we are well-informed. And all it would take for us to know is one look.


That’s why Meralco has started putting the Orange Tag on different models of refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, induction cookers, and rice cookers in different appliance stores like Anson’s, Abenson, Star Appliances, Robinsons, K-Servico, Western Automatic Center, S & R, and SM Appliances.

The Meralco Power Lab

To know the estimated cost consumption of each electrical appliance they put their Orange Tag to, it must have undergone testing at the Meralco Power Lab. It is a two-level multi-purpose facility that aims to educate consumers on efficient use of electricity and provide power-related information.

I was able to take a quick tour of it last week and that’s where I learned about the Orange Tag.

The photo above shows the CRT, Plasma, and LED TV being tested and its energy consumptions….

Can you see the price difference of their consumption per hour? A 21-inch CRT TV had consumed a total of ₱3.13 and a 43-inch Plasma TV consumed ₱2.94 while a 48-inch LED TV only consumed ₱2.01 in about 2 hours of use.

They were testing some air conditioner models at the time and look at how their simulation looks like. The bulbs on the bed simulates two people at rest, just like how it is on a regular home during night time.

The ILS also showcases Home Area Network Assistant (HANA), which is a potential service for customers. HANA is a home energy management and automation service, enables remote energy monitoring and control via your smartphone or tablet.

Touring the Meralco Power Lab and learning about the Orange Tag is an eye opener about the consumption of electricity at home. Now I know that a flat iron only consumes around ₱2 per hour and our a/c more or less consumes ₱5 per hour. I can now gauge how many hours I should keep them turned on and that I shouldn’t worry if I take too long ironing our clothes.

To know more about the Meralco Orange Tag, visit: and to know more about the Meralco Power Lab, visit:

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30 Responses

  1. I knew about the energy efficiency tags, but wasn’t aware of the Meralco Orange Tag. I’m so glad they have this now because it really is important to buy appliances that will last and help you save money.

  2. That is very interesting! We don’t have that here. We just have a piece of paper that gives us an approximate amount! I think this is a great idea!

  3. This is so cool! I’ve never heard of this so I’m not sure if we have it here, but I think it’s a great way to the future and something everyone should eventually have implemented for sure!

  4. Good to know that they are helping people conserve energy because it’s not only going to cut the costs of their bill but also help them save the environment. This must have been a great learning experience for everyone who joined the tour.

  5. It is nice to know that there are programs like this. Conserving energy should be promoted and it is nice to know that you are aware of it.

  6. That is so interesting, we’re planning to buy a new refrigerator and I need to check the orange tag.

  7. This is really neat! What an awesome idea. It’s interesting to see all these tags and the different numbers.

  8. I think it’s about time we had some kind of “literal transparency” with how much we’re consuming and glad that Meralco’s on this side. Still, if we can somehow helps ourselves conserve energy in a blind manner I’m sure it will give double the savings.

  9. Really a great effort to promote green as well as energy efficient products. I think it is the time that we all should move to energy efficient appliances.

  10. This sounds like such an awesome idea. I know that this is not anywhere where I live but it should be.

  11. My mama lives in the Philippines and this will be very helpful and educational. I will make sure to pass it on and I am super grateful I came across this post.

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