Sakto, Sulit, and Safe Cooking with Petron Gasul

Sakto, Sulit, and Safe Cooking with Petron Gasul

My mother loves cooking. When I was a child I remember her cooking and baking a lot of good food that our kitchen never runs out of smell that would make your tummy grumble. She cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes she even cooks merienda and still have time to do some experimenting on the side. Take note, she wasn’t a housewife, we sell meat at the local wet market. I think this is the reason why we have three Petron Gasuls at home. One was connected to our gas stove and the two were extras in case we run out. I used to think that was normal. Now I know she just wants a reserve lest she runs out in the middle of simmering a dish.

I think I got my love and passion of cooking from her. I also love to experiment on different ingredients and just like her I make sure to check all the ingredients and kitchen tools on my list before I start cooking. Only with complete ingredients and kitchen tools, passion for cooking, and appreciation of good food plus safety, security and convenience would you be able to create wonderful dishes from your kitchen.

When I got married and moved out of the house, I made sure I also use the brand of LPG we trust at home. After all, knowing how safe Petron Gasul is gives me peace of mind and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything else. I can concentrate on  cooking and plating my creations.

Sakto, Sulit, and Safe Cooking with Petron Gasul

Petron Gasul has been in the industry for more than 50 years and has proven, time and again, that it is the most tested and trusted brand out there.

Unlike my mother, though, I only have one Petron Gasul at home since ours has just a small space. I don’t worry about running out because Petron Gasul has a delivery Hotline (737-8000) in Metro Manila that assures you that your gasul will be delivered sakto, sulit ,and safe from an authorized dealer.

And if you have a Petron Value Card, you get ₱10 savings with every Petron Gasul 11KG refill at participating Petron Gasul stores and earn Petron Value Card Points when you purchase Petron Gasul 11KG refill at participating Petron stations. Sulit, right?

If you’re not using Petron Gasul yet, it’s about time you give it a try. To know more about them, follow their official Facebook page: You’ll also get to collect some of the BEST recipes and get really useful kitchen tips!

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20 Responses

  1. I like the idea of grilling fish on top of lemons. I would like to try that. I also love experimenting and the kids are most of time in awe every time we have a new and unfamiliar meal on the table. Thanks for this.

  2. Petron is of the best reliable brands of gasul in our country and I too use it. It gives me that safe feeling. And their delivery service is very dependable.

  3. I discovered my love for the kitchen later in life. College na yata ako and I learned it from the mom of my friend. My mom is a good cook but growing up, I was never really interested to learn it. Now I”m trying to catch up and learn all my favorites in my mom’s cooking.

  4. We used to keep one spare gasul in case we run out, but now that we found a reliable delivery service near our home, we no longer need to buy spares!

  5. Petron Gasul is a trusted LPG brand .. haven’t tried it yet though.. hopefully soon since I need a new “tank” for my new oven 😀

  6. I’m using induction cooker, pero I’m planning of switching sa gas. Good to know na may delivery na pala ang Petron gasul! Yey! 🙂

  7. My mom also loves to cook and bake. Un nga lang, di ko nakuha un hilig hehe But I do cook and bake not because it is my passion but because we need to eat ; p


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