The Importance of Electrolytes in Your Beverages

Proper hydration is very important when it comes to being physically active. Yet, many people who play sports, work out or are otherwise physically on the go fail to realize the importance of electrolytes in the beverages they drink.

What are Electrolytes?

The primary purpose of consuming liquids is to replenish the body with fluids and minerals. This is especially true after exercising. Electrolytes contain ions that mix well with your blood chemistry in ways that can help you to absorb the maximum amount of fluids and minerals in whatever you drink. They are found naturally in your blood and other body fluids, but it is helpful to add electrolytes through the beverages you drink. By helping to maintain the ideal amount of water in your body needed for proper muscle functioning, drinking beverages with electrolytes helps to maintain top athletic functioning as exercise causes the body to lose electrolytes.

Preventing Dehydration

One major risk of exercising is the possibility of becoming dehydrated. When you consume beverages with electrolytes, you are less likely to experience the body fluid imbalances that can sometimes lead to fatigue, nausea and uncomfortable sweating. Alcoholic drinks can also lead to increased risk of dehydration, so if you will be consuming alcohol after a sporting event or workout, consider preparing your drinks with electrolyte rich products especially designed for use with alcohol such as those found at

Maintaining pH Levels

The amount of acidity and alkalinity of your blood is called your pH level. To keep acidic levels in the proper range, electrolytes such as sodium and chloride are needed. For peak physical performance, a pH level of 7.4 is required, but this level can drop as the result of exercising. Therefore, beverages with electrolytes can help to ensure that pH levels stay high enough so as not to impair your body’s performance. Along with electrolyte drinks, fresh fruit is also a good way to maintain a healthy pH level.

Essential for Being Your Best

Anyone who is physically active can benefit by making sure that they always have beverages on hand specifically manufactured to ensure that they are getting enough electrolytes. Water and other beverages that contain electrolytes always say so on the container they come in. Even if they cost a little more, it will be worth it as electrolytes help maintain your maximum physical performance.

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