Lunch At Bagoong Club, Twin Lakes

Lunch At Bagoong Club, Twin Lakes

We spotted Bagoong Club in Twin Lakes when we had breakfast at Buon Giorno the day before on the way to Canyon Cove. Bagoong (or shrimp paste) is my ultimate comfort food and it could make me give up a no-rice diet in a snap. I actually made a mental note to myself to eat here at one point in our three day vacation and that we did just before we checked in at Canyon Woods.

Lunch At Bagoong Club, Twin Lakes

Just before our orders were served, we were given a small plate of singkamas (jicama) slices with two kinds of bagoong as dip: their Bagoong Pag-Ibig (sweet) at Bagoong Umaga (spicy). I like my bagoong to be on the sweet side but combining these two bagoongs together made a sweet and spicy bagoong that’s just perfect for dipping.

Lunch At Bagoong Club, Twin Lakes

And because we are at Bagoong Club, we ordered their Binagoongan Combination (₱350), a combination of crispy binagoongan and grilled pork binagoongan It was so perfect over rice! The grilled pork binagoongan is a bit fatty so we had to cut off most of the fat near the skin but the sauce is really good, tasting a bit of coconut cream.

Lunch At Bagoong Club, Twin Lakes
I wanted veggies too so I ordered the All Vegetable Kare-Kare (₱250). Nothing could be more perfect with bagoong than Kare-Kare. The veggies are perfectly cooked and the Kare-Kare sauce tasted like it was taken from
their Kare-Kare pot where all the meat was cooked from because it was so flavorful.

I ordered this Ensaladang Cilantro sa Ginulat na Tilapia (₱320) just because I found the name of the dish to be both interesting and amusing. I imagined how shocked the tilapia was…LOL!. Turns out this was deep fried binukadkad na tilapia, with a mango-cilantro sauce and julienned cabbage.

Lunch At Bagoong Club, Twin Lakes

We couldn’t do without Sinigang na Baboy na Pinalapot sa Gabi (₱320) because it’s Ykaie’s favorite!

Check out our almost empty bowl of Sinigang right there.

I lve lve lve this photo of me with Ykaie and Twinkle….

After lunch was picture-taking galore!.. and Frappuccinos at the nearby Starbucks…then we were off to Canyon Woods.

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19 Responses

  1. The food all looks so good. It sounds like a great place to have a meal with family.

  2. I have not had a lot of exposure to Filipino food even though my sister in law is from the Phillipines! She’s introduced me to some that I did NOT like, but others were really good. I’m up for trying most foods, and this looks really good.

  3. I’ve never heard of these meals. But as I’m not familiar with Filipino meals, it’s not surprising. I like a sweet spicy flavor as well, so mixing those dips would be right up my alley! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Since I won’t be fixing this area anytime soon it is nice to see your photos and what you are enjoying. I am not a peanut curry fan so as long as the dishes aren’t based on any of those ingredients I am good to go.

  5. Sounds like an interesting meal! I haven’t had those foods before. And while I’ve had jicama, I’ve never ordered jicama sticks with dip! Thanks for sharing, interesting to read about different foods.

  6. The food looks so good! I love pork, grilled or deep fried and crispy. I am interested to try that shrimp paste. I’ve seen bottled ones in the Asian goods aisle at our local store. I should remember to get some when I do my grocery shopping.

  7. The Bagoong Club sounds like an awesome place to have lunch. I have never heard of more than half these foods but they look delicious. We would love to try lunch here some day when we go see my sister who lives in the area. Thanks for sharing your experiences and the lovely photos.

  8. Wow, the food looks so amazing here- especially the soup! Your girls certainly seemed to enjoy it – they are so cute!

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