New Starbucks Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino!!! (+New Food Items)

New Starbucks Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino |
New Starbucks Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino |
Strawberry Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino and Mango Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino

I’m excited! I’m excited! I’m excited! There will be fruit and yogurt in my Frappuccino!

For a yogurt junkie like me, this is awesome news! And it’s finally happening on July 26, 2016!

Who can resist a delicious combination of chilled yogurt and fruity swirl blended with ice?

Can you imagine? Starting on July 26, you can delight in the sweetness of fresh mango or strawberry perfectly balanced by a hint of tartness from the yogurt for a mouth-watering beverage. To energize your day, the Mango Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino perfectly blends honey-citrus sweet mango sauce with yogurt, topped with a layer of mango fruit jelly with real mango bits. Meanwhile, the equally refreshing and irresistible Strawberry Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino features a visual treat with the yogurt blended with strawberry sauce puree topped with strawberry jelly with strawberry bits.

According to Keith Cole, head for marketing at Starbucks Philippines. “The all new Mango Fruit Jelly Yogurt and Strawberry Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino® Blended Beverages are a delightful combination of fruity taste in a sweet jelly, layered with the smooth texture of yogurt. Reminiscent of a creamy parfait, these Frappuccino® Blended Beverages are inspired by our customers’ love of sweet fruit, making them the ideal beverage to lighten up one’s day,

What’s more, you can pair up these Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccinos with four new featured food items…

Starbucks Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake |
Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake

First is the Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake – a moist buttery white chocolate sponge cake with generous layers of milk and truffle finished with dark chocolate ganache and white chocolate shavings.

Starbucks Chicken Canneloni|
Chicken Cannelloni
Starbucks Maple Pecan Danish|
Maple Pecan Danish
Starbucks Pan Au Chocolat|
Pan Au Chocolat

You can also go for light but filling new core food items like the Maple Pecan Danish, a light and flaky Danish pastry with maple filling and topped with chopped pecans, perfect for a quick breakfast; Chicken Cannelloni, an al dente pasta filled with chicken flakes and topped with creamy tomato sauce, you can have for your lunch; and the Pan Au Chocolat, which features two chocolate batons wrapped in 100% French butter croissant dough and finished with chocolate drizzle that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

So what’s it gonna be for you? I think I’ll have the Strawberry Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino and the Chicken Cannelloni.

See you at Starbucks on the 26th!

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37 Responses

  1. I rarely go to Starbucks, but I know so many people that can’t live without it. I am sure they are going to be happy to hear this.

  2. Mango is one of my favorite flavors, so that will be the fruit jelly and yogurt frappuccino that I’ll try. That Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake looks tasty too. I want to try them all.

  3. Strawberry Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino and Mango Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccinos?! Sign me up! I love trying new Starbucks drinks. I can’t wait to try these two out. The Mango Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino looks super yummy.

  4. My son in law’s favorite fruit is mango. I wonder if he has tried the new Starbucks mango fruit jelly frappuccino yet? It sounds like something he would enjoy.

  5. I dont really go to Starbucks too often. Mainly just when they do their bogo happy hours, but these sound interesting.

  6. I am missing some Starbucks in my life. And now that you have told me that my frappuccino can have fruit in it, I miss it even more. Gotta get to Starbucks soon.

  7. I want to try every single thing on this page! My top pick would be the Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake because it looks so delicious.

  8. The new items at Starbucks all look and sound so delicious. My boys would love to try the Fruit jelly Yogurt Frappuccinos and I would love to try both the chicken cannelloni along with the pecan danish look so delicious. Thanks for sharing these awesome new items.

  9. That strawberry drink looks amazing! I’ve been loving trying all of the new drinks, they’re the best! Loving the pink one ; )

  10. Omg can we say yum?!?! I so need to try one of these new drinks. They sound pretty epic!

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