Iontophoresis Treatment For Excessive Hand and Feet Sweating

Today, we’re not going to talk about food but something that I’m also concerned about: sweaty hands and feet. You all know that it’s hard to handle food when you have sweaty hands — well, not only food, EVERYTHING.

I know a lot of people are suffering from the discomfort of sweaty hands and feet. I know because I am extremely close to four people who has them. They aren’t very vocal about it because it’s something they are trying to hide. They are embarrassed about it.

They always keep a towel or hanky ready to keep their hands dry. For those who has sweaty feet, foot powder is their bff. It helps them to keep their shoes and socks from getting wet and of course, odor-free. One of these people, totally swore off shoes and only wears sandals and slippers to keep her feet dry.

This condition is called hyperhidrosis. Most of the time, Hyperhidosis ( or excessive sweating of the hands and feet) goes undiagnosed or untreated simply because we are not aware that there is a solution. We go about our daily lives thinking that because we are born with it, it’s normal. But it keeps us from functioning normally, so it’s not normal.

And there is a solution for this sweaty hands and feet problem! It’s called Iontophoresis.

What is Iontophoresis?

Iontophoresis is a treatment for excessive sweating that interferes with the sweat glands just below the outer layer of the skin.

It is done using the Iontoderma iD-1000.

Here’s a video on how Iontoderma’s Iontophoresis machine works.

Why Use Iontoderma’s Iontophoresis Treatment?

  1. Iontoderma’s Iontophoresis treatment uses tap water to send electrical currents under the skin to prevent sweating from occurring.
  2. It positively treats more than 90% of cases of patients with palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis.
  3. It causes no known side effects and its efficiency does not decrease over time.
  4. A simple 20-minute session once a week is often all it takes to achieve a comfortable perspiration level.
  5. This device can last many years without the need of replacement parts or batteries.
  6. It is the best and most cost-effective treatment option for hyperhidrosis. It is 50% more affordable than other machines.
  7. AND there’s a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you.

So don’t sweat it, treat those sweaty hands and feet with Iontophoresis!

You can order online at /
or if you want to pick-up or arrange delivery within Metro Manila, contact:
Phone: 0917 825 3189
Address: 20 Jefferson St. Don Antonio Royale Estates, Quezon City, Philippines

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16 Responses

  1. I’ve known several people over the years who have had to deal with excessive sweating. I’ve never heard of this treatment and I love that there is a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work. What a great product!

  2. I knew a girl who excessively sweat, but it was all over – not just her hands and feet. I mean, she hardly had to do anything and she was drenched.

  3. I have heard of people that sweat excessively but I didn’t know what they do about it. This is definitely interested and if I ever have a friend that has a problem like this I will tell them about this post.

  4. I have never heard of this treatment! I know people do suffer from this. I used to always get sweaty feet and hands when I was a kid…not so much now thankfully!

  5. This is one treatment I don’t need to use thank goodness. For those people who do suffer from sweaty feet and hands this is great for them.

  6. Results with this treatment have been very good in patients who have hyperhidrosis; 80 percent or more have shown some improvement and have continued its use.

  7. This is really interesting! I’m glad there is a solution for people who deal with excessive sweating. It sounds like it is no fun!

  8. This is kind of amazing! I didn’t know that this kind of treatments existed for this sort of condition. I am so glad I don’t have this issue.

  9. How embarrassing it would be when someone reaches out for a handshake and your palms are all sweaty! I know of a few friends with this problem and I will definitely recommend this machine to them.

  10. I have some of the problem with sweaty palms. Although part of it is just general nervousness. I would definitely try out something like this to see if it helped.

  11. I never heard of people sweating excessively that they would need this treatment. Seems interesting to know about and I’m glad that I stopped by to read your article.

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