How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Over the years your home can begin to look tired and in need of a little TLC. Whilst it may seem like a huge, expensive task to revive your décor and bring the life back to your home, it doesn’t have to be. Re-decorating your home can be a very expensive process if you decide to go all out and re-decorate everything, but there are so many simple, cost-effective ways in which you can re-decorate your home and add a fresh burst of life to your décor. It’s not always about the larger changes that are the most noticeable, as you often find that smaller, important changes can have the biggest impact on the décor overall.

Introduce Some Colour

There is nothing that makes an impact quite like a fresh lick of paint, whether it’s your bedroom walls, the bannister in the hallway or even the skirting boards, paint can transform a room and make it look fresh and new in no time. Many people are apprehensive when it comes to introducing some colour to their interiors, feeling they don’t have the knowledge or decorative eye to choose the right colour scheme for their home. Choose colours that complement the rest of your home and create the right feel, such as neutral tones of cream, grey and beige. You can then look at introducing bolder colours through decorative touches that can be altered if you’re not as keen. Take a look at the areas in the room that look a little lifeless and give them a fresh touch of paint. Even if you’re painting them the same colour, you’ll notice a huge difference straight away as the original colour may have begun to fade due to everyday wear and tear, exposure to sunlight and so on.

Update Your Lighting

Just like your paintwork, lighting is a key feature in the overall look and feel of a room. There are a number of different ways to light a room enabling you to control exactly what kind of atmosphere you want to achieve. Focus on each room’s lighting in a different way, for example your kitchen lighting would benefit from being brighter, with more of a white tone, whereas the living room and bedroom would work better with a softer, yellow toned light. The different lighting tones enable you to create the right atmosphere within a room, as well as creating a space that feels and looks larger and open. Introduce some smaller lamps to your rooms for using when the main light isn’t necessary, as this will help make the room feel warm and welcoming.

Re-Shuffle Your Furniture

After a while, rooms in your home may start to look dull and plain because you’re so used to seeing them the way that they are every single day. You’d be surprised just how much of a difference it can make, simply switching your furniture around a little and changing the current layout of the room. Try swapping certain furniture pieces around from room to room, as this will help to completely change the look of the room and keep it fresh and current. You could also look at re-painting certain furniture pieces or re-varnishing them to give them a fresh look, even if you don’t move them at all.

Stylish New Additions

To save yourself money when it comes to re-decorating your whole house, try to look at introducing something new to each room instead. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but introducing a new, stylish feature to each room will give the room that new feel that will lift the interiors straight away. When it comes to the kitchen, whilst it may be worth investing in a cheap kitchen at some point through your time living in your home, you can always update your current décor by introducing new features such as a new your utensils, artwork or even the layout of your kitchen table and chairs. These may seem like small changes, but they have a large impact on the overall feel of the room.

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