Treat Mom Like a Queen at Gerry’s Restaurant

Treat Mom Like a Queen at Gerry's Restaurant

Mother’s Day is coming up  and even if you’re not a mom yet, you know that it is one of the most anticipated event here in the country. It’s the time of the year when we celebrate the most important women in our lives… our mothers. Our mothers have always been there for us, they give us whatever we need. They cook for us, they provide a shoulder to cry on, and they take care of us without asking for anything in return.

This Mother’s Day, it is just right to treat her like a queen! Don’t let her cook on her special day and take her to Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar to celebrate.

Treat Mom Like a Queen at Gerry's Restaurant

In honour of the first lady of our homes, Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar has carefully chosen Gerry’s favorites fit for a queen this Mother’s Day with their Queen’s Meal.

There are two Queen’s Meal choices and both are good for five persons at ₱380/person (₱1,900/set)

Treat Mom Like a Queen at Gerry's Restaurant

Last Sunday,  we had an advance celebration at their branch in Tomas Morato. We chose Queen’s Meal 1 which is composed of Crispy Pata, Beef Kare-Kare, Bangus Sisig, Pinakbet, Plain Rice, Buko Pandan, and Iced Tea.

Here, let’s take a closer look…

Treat Mom Like a Queen at Gerry's Restaurant

Gerry’s Restaurant Crispy Pata is crunchy outside and tender inside!

Treat Mom Like a Queen at Gerry's Restaurant

The Beef Kare-Kare is very meaty and has lots of vegetables.. of course it is served with Gerry’s Bagoong

I love the Bangus Sisig.. it’s mostly what I ate since I am trying to eat healthy…

…together with the Pinakbet which is perfectly cooked!

We had a side order of the Inihaw na Pusit (my favorite!) which is so flavorful and cooked tender to perfection. It is soooo good dipped in Gerry’s Inihaw Sauce! (Ano kaya ang secret ng Inihaw Sauce na to? bakit ang sarap?)

On top of our delicious Queen’s Meal is that we get to take home one bottle of Gerry’s Bagoong for FREE! It even has a Mom’s Day dedication on the bottle cap.

What I love about Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar Queen’s Meal

  • It is SULIT at ₱380/person ((₱1,900/set) because the servings are quite big.
  • The set meal is complete: it has a beef dish, pork dish, a fish dish, and a vegetable dish plus dessert and drinks. Since I’m trying to eat healthy, I have a fish and veggie dish to enjoy while the rest of my family enjoys their favorites Crispy Pata and Beef kare-Kare too!
  • The Queen’s Meal comes with a FREE bottle of Gerry’s Bagoong. I love Gerry’s bagoong!
  • You can celebrate Mother’s Day early because the Queen’s Meal are available at selected Gerry’s branches from May 12-14! … which means we can avoid the rush and the long lines!

So what are you waiting for? Treat the moms in your life like a queen. Treat her with the Queen’s Meal at Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar from May 12 -14, 2017.

To know more about the Treat Like A Queen Mother’s Day treat,  drop by or Gerry’s Grill Facebook Page.

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19 Responses

  1. OMG, I am getting super hungry so suddenly (while I had breakfast an hour ago). Everything looks so good and delicious! the pictures are amazing… “treat your mum like a queen” is such a good idea! Mother’s day is on the 28th of May in France but I have been sending flowers to my mum already. Tulips, her fav! xx corinne

  2. It’s fun to take a peek into another culture of living! Being from the states I feel like I loose that sense of adventure when I am constantly surrounded by the norm and this here proves my love to travel and learning! This looks absolutely delicious. what a fun and tasty meal to treat mom to! I hope it was as good as it looked, thank you for letting me look into your little life <3

  3. I wish I could go here for Mother’s Day, I definitely would feel like a queen! And I love that it comes with a free gift too!

  4. Wow. This meal looks absolutely amazing. It’s so nice that this restaurant is supporting Mothers and encouraging them to come in and have a yummy meal!

  5. Those jars were too cute with the notes for mom. We should really celebrate moms on all day. Those food choices were making my mouth water, they looked so good.

  6. The shrimp paste sounds perfect for a Mother’s Day celebration! Great menu options.

  7. It sounds like a great place to treat mom on Mother’s Day! I love that they have so many choices and that there are set meals as well. This is pretty cool!

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