Latest Snack Discovery: Gardenia Pocket Sandwich

Everyday, I make it a point to wake up early and prepare Ykaie’s baon for school. She stays in school until 3pm so I make sure I prepare both snacks and lunch which usually comes with fruit or dessert. There are some days though that the life of a mom becomes so hectic. There were days that I wake up late and I don’t have time to prepare baon anymore.

Good thing I discovered these new Gardenia Pocket Sandwiches!

Gardenia Pocket Sandwiches are made with soft and creamy White Bread with rich fillings — that’s how you know it’s baked fresh everyday. It’s a great grab and go snack which you can enjoy anytime and anywhere. It is sealed too — perfect for your little darlings because it’s not messy to eat and it is easier to handle.

Don’t worry mommies it is nutritious too and packed with vitamins and minerals that are best for our kids.

Gardenia Chocolate Pocket Sandwich has rich chocolate filling. This pocket sandwich is high in Iron and folate which contributes to normal formation of red blood cells & hemoglobin; Vitamin B1 which helps release energy from proteins, fats & carbohydrates; it is also a good source of Vitamin A which is essential for the function of the eyes.

Gardenia Peanut Butter Pocket Sandwich is filled with luscious and milky peanut butter filling. This pocket sandwich is high in iron which contributes to normal formation of red blood cells & hemoglobin; Vitamin B1 and B2 which helps release energy from proteins, fats & carbohydrates; and vitamin A which is essential for the function of the eyes.

Aside from loving how nutritious it is, I also love that it’s so affordable at only ₱15 per sandwich.

My Ykaie’s favorite is Gardenia Peanut Butter Pocket Sandwich. She loves the soft bread and the luscious peanut butter filling!

Gardenia Pocket Sandwich break after biking in the neighborhood…

It’s a great after play snack and of course, baon for this school year.

Gardenia Pocket Sandwiches are available on all leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide so I won’t have a hard time looking for it.

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20 Responses

  1. Oh goodness. This looks like something I would find at a gas station in the middle of the US on a road trip! Ha! Reminds me of my childhood!

  2. I just bought these the other day for myself and love them as snacks. I didn’t realize they were also for kids too. They must be great and now I want another. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These look tasty. I am so busy all the time, I hate that I don’t have time to make all my son’s food. But as long as there are nutritious options that make it easy on me, I guess I’m not doing too bad.

  4. This really reminds me of something I would’ve ate as a child! Wish I could try them out now though!

  5. My kids love PBJ- This looks like a super easy and stress free option. Where can you find them?

  6. These types of snacks are very convenient for busy moms. My daughter is 11 months old and still eats vegetables and meat so no toast for her yet 🙂

  7. Well this has to be the coolest snack! Reminds me of the Smucker’s PB&J to go sandwiches I grew up on. Makes it very easy to have between meals when on the go.

  8. That awesome. It’s good to have a filling snack for the kids. I think this is perfect and it would be a nice addition to their lunch box as well.

  9. I have to admit that I have never heard of these Gardenia Pocket Sandwiches before. These would make for a great snack idea for anyone. I would love the peanut butter ones. Thanks for sharing these awesome snacks.

  10. Those look so yummy!! I have had something similar but not this brand, I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I would love to try that chocolate one….mmmmm!!

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