Bebang Halo-Halo Review: Creamiest Halo-Halo in The Solar System

Still thinking if you should try Bebang Halo-Halo? A BIG YES! Read on to find out why…

Bebang Halo-Halo

Halo-Halo is a favorite! And it is something I crave for whatever the weather is and whatever my mood is. I’ll have it for dessert and I’ll have it for merienda.. It is not something I can refuse nor take off that “if there’s one food you can forget for the rest of your life” list. I even make Halo-Halo at home until our ice crusher broke down and asked me to retire.

So whenever we eat out and I see Halo-Halo on the menu, DaddyDoodleDoo already knows it has to be ordered for dessert. We saw Bebang Halo-Halo this one time we went to Megamall and I told him I want to try it. Guess what? I’ve already tried it! Kinikilig ako now that I can share with you my deliciously creamy experience.

To tell you honestly — I am impressed! Bebang Halo-Halo is not your typical Halo-Halo in the sense that they have a number of different flavors! Even if you’re not a halo-halo lover — like my daughter Ykaie– I’m sure you can find one to your liking. (She loved the Banana Cinnamon Con Hielo, btw)

But what I love most about it is that they don’t use plain ice but frozen milk — making it more tasty and creamy. Oh, and they don’t scrimp on the ingredients — each spoonful I got came with a pandan jelly, nata, sago, special macapuno, or leche flan. It is totally worth the price you’re paying for it.

What makes this halo-halo unique is that it doesn’t even need mixing! You can eat it as is and have different flavor experience on each bite. Oh and instead of the leche flan being on top, they have the bottom of the cup filled with it. How cool is that? Hindi mo na titipirin yung leche flan per spoon.. heehee

Six Flavors I Was Able To Try

Royal Halo-Halo Gold (₱498)

Bebang Halo-Halo

This is a LIMITED EDITION and with 24 Karat Gold. It has frozen milk, pandan jelly, strawberry, peach, blueberry, mango, sago, ube halaya, special macapuno, pistachio, cashew and a whole lotta leche flan underneath it all. Then it’s topped with roasted marshmallow fluff and edible 24 karat gold leaf.

This is my favorite among the six because it’s a mixture of American and Pinoy flavors with the berries, nuts, and halaya gaming they have in there. Plus, I love how the roasted marshmallow fluff tastes when mixed with the creamy frozen milk — it’s heavenly! The serviung is big enough to be shared by 2-3 persons depending on their appetite.

They only sell up to 20 pieces per day on a first come first served basis, so you better be early if you want to try it.

Halo Halo Presidential (₱168)

Bebang Halo-Halo

It has frozen milk, pandan jelly, ube halaya, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, langka, special macapuno, rice crispies, and that whole lotta leche flan underneath it all.

This is your typical Halo-Halo in the sense that it contains the usual ingredients but there’s a lot of it! bI love that the creamy frozen milk doesn’t melt that easily and that it doesn’t water down the treat when it melts.

Banana Cinnamon Con Hielo (₱158)

Bebang Halo-Halo

It is made up of frozen milk, vanilla jelly, sago, banana, caramel syrup, rice crispies, and leche flan. This tastes like a leveled up Saging Con Yelo because of the cinnamon, vanilla jelly, caramel, and leche flan. I would have enjoyed this too but Ykaie (who doesn’t like Halo-Halo at all), finished it all.

Mango Graham (₱158)

Bebang Halo-Halo

So this is how it would taste like when you combine Mango Graham and Buko Pandan! It’s refreshingly different but the flavor works well. This treat is made with frozen milk, pandan jelly, caramel syrup, fresh mango, graham, and leche flan.

Halukay Ube (₱158)

Bebang Halo-Halo

A Halo-Halo that’s made for the Ube lover. It even has Ube-flavored frozen milk making each bite exploding with creamy ube-flavor yet not overpowering the other ingredients.

It also has pandan jelly, ube halaya, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, langka, special macapuno, rice crispies, and leche flan.

Halo Halo Special (₱138)

It’s made of frozen milk, pandan jelly, ube halaya, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, rice crispies and leche flan. If you are a traditional basic halo-halo person, then this is the one for you.

I can’t hide the fact that I am now a CERTIFIED FAN of Bebang Halo-Halo. And I can’t wait to try the rest of their 11 flavors plus their different flavors of Taho and Hot Dogs.

How To Order Bebang Halo-Halo

You can order through They are open from 10 AM to 7 PM and they deliver to selected areas in Metro Manila and surrounding areas everyday. They promise to deliver frozen or your money back…love it! I don’t want to eat melted halo-halo.

For updates and more information, follow Bebang’s Halo-Halo through their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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  1. Wow 🤤🤩 sarappp mukha nga po masarap .. love it! bet na bet ko po yan halo2x lahat ng flavors!e🥰 thankyou for sharing po .. d pa po nattry !🤩 one of my favorites 🤤🤤🤤

  2. Sarap naman po nyan mommy peachh nakakatakam and very refreshing talaga. Lagi to trending sa tiktok e. Kung di lang ako taga visayas natry ko na to kakatakam talagaa😍

  3. After reading your review and seeing those drinks I wish I could grab them through the screen! they sounds and looks yum

  4. I recently had a bebang mango graham and it was fantastic. I love your review on the other flavours! cant wait to try them all

  5. So delicious halo halo so many flavors to choose from and it’s very affordable

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