Sagada Dark Roast Cold Brew + Figures Of Beans

Sagada Dark Roast Cold Brew + Figures Of Beans

Figures of Beans’ Sagada Dark Roast is delicious when hot but perfect when cold brewed. It is bright and bittersweet with a fruity overtone and smooth toasty finish. When creamy milk is swirled into it, it’s like you are drinking s’mores in coffee form. Yes, that’s how I’m tasting it and I am loving every sip!

To all those who can relate: Coffee is Life. You’re never really fully awake in the morning until you’ve had your favorite cup of joe. I used to drink 5 cups of coffee a day but because of hyper acidity it was reduced to 3 cups.. and then to two. Now that I have hypertension, my coffee consumption is reduced to 1 cup per day. So I make it count. I drink only the most delicious coffee I could find OR I let my tastebuds go into an adventure and try a new flavor every time a finish a bag. (There are times when I cheat and drink decaf in the afternoon for my second cup, but don’t say I told you that)


I discovered Figures of Beans over the Summer. It’s a local company that emerged because of KC Boter and Karen De Guzman’s passion and ultimate love for coffee. These are coffees grown from the mountains of Cordillera that’s hand-picked, sun-dried, and then masterfully roasted to bring out it’s full flavor. What’s nice about this is that they support local farmers and help them produce quality coffee.


Sagada Dark Roast has become my favorite among the bunch of coffee that they sell, so I really think  it’s the first one you should try  but if you’re not a fan of dark roast coffees, they also have other variants like:

  • Metaphor (Caramel) –  It’s a sweet and mild Caramel flavor infused coffee, made from Arabica coffee grown in the mountains of Cordillera.
  • Euphemism (Vanilla) – It’s a sweet and mild Vanilla flavor infused coffee, made from Arabica coffee grown in the mountains of Cordillera.
  • Understatement (Hazelnut) – It’s a sweet and mild Hazelnut flavor infused coffee with nutty overtone, made from Arabica coffee grown in the mountains of Cordillera.
  • Oxymoron – It’s a blend of dark roasted Robusta and Benguet coffee grown in the mountains of Cordillera with full bodied smoky round taste with a citrus note and earthy finish.
  • Paradox – It’s a blend of dark roasted Benguet and light roasted Arabica coffee grown in the mountains of Cordillera with a full bodied round taste with a hint of smoothness and citrus note;  earthy finish

I’m sure you could find one to your liking. The best thing about them? Well, they deliver the beans to your doorstep and you can pay via paypal or credit card.


peanutbutter and I love cold brew coffee. Cold brew Iced Coffee is a must-have on the weekends when he’s at home all day. So thursday afternoon is my scheduled cold-brewing day. I use my trusty French Press to stir 3/4 cup ground coffee to 3 cups room temp filtered water.I put that in the fridge overnight (for 15-20 hours). The next day, which is friday, that’s when I push the plunger down and iced coffee is ready for drinking.


This will be enjoyed by friday afternoon either plain black poured over ice….


Or with milk and sugar mixed into it and paired with pastries or chocolates.

To know more about them or to place your order, follow Figures Of Beans on Facebook or drop by


Sagada Dark Roast Cold Brew

  • Author: Peachy Adarne


  • 3/4 cup dark roast ground coffee, I used Figure of Beans Sagada Dark Roast
  • 3 cups filtered water
  • Milk and sugar(or sweetener) for serving


  1. Pour water into french press and stir in ground coffee. Cover (but do not press) and refrigerate for 15-20 hours.
  2. Press the french press plunger down, and then pour coffee through a filter into a jar. Cover and refrigerate.
  3. To serve, pour cold brew coffee over ice, and stir in coffee creamer or milk and sugar to taste.
  4. If you don’t have a french press, you can just mix the water and coffee in a 4 cup glass jar and cover with plastic wrap. Catch the coffee grinds with a coffee filter when pouring into your pitcher or serving glasses.

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9 Responses

  1. 5 cups per day?! I only drink one small cup of strong black coffee (at most) because a bigger cup makes me palpitate lol

  2. I feel you! I used to be powered by coffee, but had to reduce my intake because of hypertension. Coffee in the morning is a must for me. Can’t start the day without it!

  3. I’m no coffee lover, well, because I also have hyper acidity but I think I will try this one. Thanks for sharing, I now have a new brand to look forward to.

  4. looks so delicious! i love drinking coffee and trying something new is always good! only if i can get it here in canada.

  5. Coffee is life talaga!?

    I have just realized I’ve been making iced coffee wrong!? Let me try it your way!?

    So nice that coffee enthusiasts are giving Cordilleran coffee the attention they so deserve.?

  6. I have stopped drinking coffee since 2009. I still drink now but it’s very minimal (I’d say once a year? lol). But I still love the aroma of a coffee, it’s perfect!

  7. I wanted it so badly,and indeed locally produced, thanks for sharing this ❤️

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