Best 5 Places to Order a Baby Shower Cake


There’s no more joyful occasion to celebrate an upcoming birth for the family and friends of a pregnant woman than during the baby shower. Baby showers are some of the best times to enjoy sharing in the experience of a pregnancy as gifts are exchanged during a party that brings out the best in everyone attending. It’s for that reason that it’s important that when you order a baby shower cake that you find the best bakery for your party’s needs. Discovering the best places to buy your baby shower cake just got easier as we share with you five great bakeries to discover the perfect cake for your upcoming baby event:

1. We Take the Cake

Located in charming South Florida, We Take the Cake is a great customized cake bakery that’s been mentioned as a favorite on Oprah’s list. This specialist bakery designs each of their cake from scratch so that each is has unique something, as the the baby himself. Sharing a cake from We take the Cake means a moment to experience togetherness and joy.

2. Walmart Cakes

There is a reason why cakes from Walmart continue to be popular along expectant mothers and their families. Customizable, affordable and unique, these special cakes aren’t just great showpieces for a baby shower but also tasty and delicious. And due to Walmart’s national reach, it’s simple to order a baby shower cake online or in person. Walmart is sure to take the stress out of any baby shower event, not only because the Walmart cakes prices are very affordable, but also because their cakes are highly customizable and the designer will get you exactly what you want.

3. Georgetown Cupcake

Located in Washington DC and shipping nationwide, Georgetown Cupcake is the unique brainchild of two sisters who turned their flair for fashion and finance into a thriving bakery business that offers special one-of-a-kind cakes to baby showers and christenings. The unique cake designs are sure to be remembered. Georgetown cupcake has been featured in national publications. It’s simple to see why once you’ve experienced their mouth-watering treats yourself.

4. Piece of Cake

As an up-and-coming bakery, Piece of Cake has all the right ingredients to provide you with an outstanding baby shower cake. It will sure be remembered. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, the cakes from Piece of Cake are handmade gourmet treats that can perfectly complement any special occasion baby shower. Each cake from Piece of Cake features the perfect dash of old southern cooking with modern age know-how.

5. Sweet E’s Bakeshop

Featuring unique refreshing bakery treats for any baby shower occasion, the bakers at Sweet E’s bakeshop have been serving the Los Angeles basin since 2010. They deliver their amazing cake creations nationwide. Cakes at Sweet E’s feature creative unicorn designs, signature cakes and more types of cakes than can easily fit and be designed for an upcoming baby shower event. Clients looking for a unique baby shower cake design can rest assured that Sweet E’s bake shop can meet their needs.

Sharing a cake with your loved ones at a baby shower event is something that is sure to be appreciated. A great cake can enhance the event like nothing else. Discovering a great baby shower cake doesn’t have to be a hard chore as these great bakery services can help you get the task easily done. Clients wanting to order a baby shower cake can turn to one of these cream-of-the-crop bakeries.


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