How to Make Marquesa de Chocolate without Baking It

Those who are fond of chocolate treats must be well aware of chocolate marquise which is a unique cake that does not require baking at all. It’s very easy to make with few ingredients and tastes like heaven with coffee. Basically, it’s a perfect combination for those having a sweet tooth. The place of origin for this particular chocolate dessert is Venezuela but it is famous around the globe.In order to prepare this rich chocolate dessert following ingredients are a must.Here is a step by step guide along with the key ingredients to prepare marquesa de chocolate without baking it.


The key ingredients and a step by step procedure prepare it is given below.

Key Ingredients:

  • Marie Biscuits-These famous biscuits could be found at any grocery store, however, if these are not available due to any reason any similar tasting biscuits could be used. A packet would be enough.
  • Milk-Milk would be used to make the biscuits wet and it will also be utilized to prepare the chocolate. So, a liter would be enough.
  • Chocolate Sprinkles (Optional)-These would be used to give the non-bake chocolate cake a classy look.
  • Eggs-Only the yolks of the eggs would be used. So, 4 would be enough.
  • Chocolate-This is the main ingredient which will give the desert the good taste and flavor. Any chocolate like dark, milk or white could be used. 300 Grams would be enough.
  • Butter-Butter would help in melting the chocolate so 2 tablespoons of butter would be enough.
  • Sugar-Sugar would give a balanced flavor to the desert so, 125 grams of sugar would be enough.
  • Vanilla-Vanilla would be used to add the flavor.
  • Cornstarch-It would give the chocolate a thick consistency so, 2 teaspoons would be enough.

Step 1 :

After collecting all the ingredients together, first of all, take milk and put the biscuits in them. This process would make the biscuits wet.

Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in a pan with butter with the help of boiling water.

Step 2 :

In another pan add the milk, sugar, and vanilla and when it is warm add the egg yolks. Add the melted butter and chocolate from step 1 in this pan and make sure to stir continuously. In the end, add the cornstarch in order to have the desired rich and thick consistency. Once the desired consistency is attained keep the mixture aside for later use.

Step 3:

Take a tray and place the wet biscuits from step 1 in the tray. Set the thick chocolate pudding mixture from step 2 over the wet biscuits layer. Keep repeating the process until the tray is completely filled. Put this set in the fridge for a day at maximum or minimum two hours.

Final Step:

Enjoy the delicious treat with tea or coffee.

In the era of modernization and information technology, nobody has the time to go through the entire process of baking a cake in the oven. This particular non-bake cold cake could be enjoyed by friends and family members. Children will surely love it. Try it and enjoy it.



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