Great Camping Food Ideas and Inspiration for Every Meal

What do you think of when someone says UK Camping Sites and camping food? For many of us it’s probably eating dry sandwiches, cold beans for a tin or spending an hour trying to boil water for a pot noodle. It doesn’t have to be like this though! Test that your tent’s still waterproof or replace campervan windows with high quality and durable options if they were damaged from last season, pack up the following ingredients, recipes and head out on a camping trip. You’ll be energized by these tasty food ideas.

Delicious Breakfasts

Sure, you can pack some boxes of cereal, milk and fruit to create a quick and easy fix. This is great if you need to be up and out quickly but for something more adventurous, little can beat the breakfast burrito.

It’s unlikely you’ll have enough equipment to rustle up a full English, but these can be done in just one pan. Pack a few plain wraps, some diced pancetta or bacon, eggs and grated cheese. Then it’s simply frying these all together and filling your wrap.

Lunchtime Favourites

Again, sandwiches are a perfectly fine option but seeing as you’re on a campsite, why not improve them by using a nearby campfire? Put together your favoured sandwich filling (we advise adding cheese for the best result), wrap it in tinfoil and place over hot coals or a grill for about 20 minutes for that campfire, melted effect.

For an Italian touch, a Dutch oven pizza could be just what you’re craving. Pour oil into the Dutch oven, spread out some pre-made pizza dough that comes in a tube, add cheese, tomato puree and anything else you want, put on the lid and wait about 15 to 20 minutes.

Snacking Fun

Who says you can’t have nachos on a camping trip? All you need is a frying pan to sit above your fire, fill it with tortilla chips and a bit of oil then layer with cheese, salsa and anything you want. You should get a smokier flavour than elsewhere, that adds to the sense of adventure.

Admittedly, if you’re out hiking this isn’t a feasible option. Instead you’ll want some healthy homemade hiking snacks. These can range from the incredibly simple banana crisps (just slice, soak in lemon juice and leave to dry), to cornflake energy bars (mixing cornflakes, dates, nuts and seeds with a bit of chocolate). Each one of these recipes can be easily packed away too.

Evening Dinner

Onto the main event, and you’ll realise the tinfoil mentioned earlier is a key apparatus. Start off fancy with some campfire chicken by slicing some onions and chicken, drizzle with oil and wrap in, you guessed it, tin foil. The adventurous can add white wine and herbs for extra flavouring.

A similar recipe can be followed but replacing the chicken with salmon. If you want some carbs then consider cooking pasta at home to bring along, then mixing with goat’s cheese, tomatoes and lemon in tinfoil for another Italian style camping dish.

There are thousands more camping recipes out there but if you’re only going away for a few nights, these should provide plenty of inspiration for eating healthy and well.

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