Coffee Makers That Are Becoming Fashion Statements

To make the best coffee, you need to have good equipment and follow the right procedure. The biggest challenge you might have to solve is in choosing the right coffee maker, because there are different brands in the market and it could appear challenging to know which is reliable. A good cup of coffee in the morning will set your mood and help you start the day with energy and motivation. That is why you need to learn how to prepare the perfect coffee that will not only warm you up, but also make your day livelier.


Here are coffee makers that will help you to prepare good coffee.

Orenada Auroma One

Transform your morning coffee preparation rituals with the Orenada Auroma coffee maker. This is an industrial design-styled machine that will help you to control water temperature and the grind size of the coffee. It will also help to give you the right estimates for water-to-coffee ratio to make the perfect caffeinated expression. Its casing is made of stainless steel and it comes with built-in golden standard recipes that are for any coffee. You can also control it using an iOS and Android app that you can download.

IKAWA Smart Coffee Roaster

If you would like to wake up to some amazing cup of coffee, the IKAWA coffee maker is your solution. It will take your game to another level by assisting you to roast your own beans, and it offers digital controls that can be operated from your smartphone to allow your green beans to give the perfect brew. You can read Read more here to see how the machine can help you to transform your experience while making coffee.

Ration Eight Coffee Maker

The Ration Eight Coffee maker comes with a wood finish, and you can choose your preferred color and type of finish for the wood. It is also made with a metallic coating and the overall design is made to mimic hand-made pour over techniques. You can also programme it to get cold-drip coffee. The machine is assembled by hand and unlike common appliances that are built to become obsolete in 2 – 3 years, this will serve you longer with no problems. It looks good and performs well, so it could be a good addition to your kitchen.


This is an award winning smart coffee maker that will help you turn coffee brewing to an amazing experience. It is designed with a built-in system that connects to the GINA app on your smartphone to allow you to control different parameters. The design is simplistic and it includes a built-in scale that allows you to know the weight of the coffee and water, so you will not need extra devices while brewing.

Choosing a good coffee maker will help you to prepare good coffee. If you would like to enjoy a good experience while preparing coffee, you should consider getting a machine that offers additional features like Bluetooth connectivity and automatic sensors that control heating while preparing coffee. You can try the coffee machines mentioned here for a better experience while preparing coffee.

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