WallPics Review: Why Should You Choose Wallpics?

Do you want to show your wall some love by displaying your memorable moments? If so, Wallpicsare the perfect solution that can help you give your walls some life! By downloading theWallpics app on your phone, you can actually create Wallpics by simple uploading your memorable photos on the app, and the rest of the process is done for you. This article highlights some important Wallpics features that new users need to know before they can begin using the app to create their photo boards.

WallPics Review: Why Should You Choose Wallpics?

What is the size of Wallpics?

Wallpics are normally delivered on square photo boards measuring 8×8. In addition, the photo boards are 3/4 thick making it easy for you to arrange them on the wall. Wallpics are currently not available in other sizes but there are plans to introduce other sizes in the future after collecting some ideas from users.

How does the photo look like?

The Wallpics app enables you to create a collection of memorable photos from your phone album. The pictures are delivered on self-adhesive photo boards and your work is just to stick the photo boards on the wall. In this case, you are able to create a unique wall décor using your favorite photos!

The photo boards look very attractive on any wall considering the fact that they are sheen finished and qualitative. Wallpics provide you with high-quality photos that have optimum pixels for them to be seen clearly. These photo boardsare the image(s) that are 800 pixels or larger. Your photos should be in focus and of optimum size in order to get a print that is not blurred. You can adjust your photos when reviewing Wallpics to get the right resolution.

Can a single photo be used to make a collage?

Yes, it is possible to divide your photo into three and come up with a collage from it. In this case, 3×3 Wallpics are just perfect for making a collage. However, such changes should be reviewed when making your order and your selected photo should be large enough to be divided into different parts. You can make Wallpics more interesting and attractive by considering the collage option. It is amazing to know that you can do so much with Wallpics!

What makes it easy to stick Wallpics on the wall?

As mentioned earlier, you do not need nails and screws to stick Wallpics on the wall. This leaves most people wondering, how?

Each Wallpics board has up to four1x1 sticky pads that make it easy to stick the Wallpics on any wall without any form of damage. At the time of delivery, the sticky pads are normally covered with a protective cover that is removed when you want to stick the photos on the wall. Wallpics are then tapped into place in a gentle manner after you have decided on your display. It is just as simple, as that!

Wallpics are movable wall décor and that is why are designed to be mounted and removed easily. You can remove the Wallpics without peeling off the paint or leaving any marks on the wall. The design enables you to replace, remove, or play around with the photos without any problems!

How much doWallpics cost?

The first three Wallpics cost $29 US while other additional photos cost $9 US each. This is quite a bargain considering the fact that customers are guaranteed free shipping to their doorstep! Wallpics are delivered within a maximum of 6 days when they are ready to be displayed. Sharing Wallpics with your family and friends can earn you some free photo boards and can things get better than this.

You can purchase the Wallpics from their website and also in google play and app store in order to enjoy this amazing service.

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