A Little More Dining Time with the Family

Technology continues to evolve, and with each year comes a new set of gadgets and tools with features that get people so excited to purchase and own one. Who wouldn’t want to have a smartphone with a holographic screen that allows you to view videos from multiple angles? Or sleek, stylish and easy to wear smart glasses with camera, extra appendages and microphones that projects information onto your retina? A wearable wristband that monitors your blood pressure through your skin? What about a microwave that can both heat and quick-freeze food?

A Little More Dining Time with the Family

These technology features are indeed amazingly interesting and are so enticing. However, despite the advances that these innovative technologies bring, family experts call on people to have a thoughtful reason for buying and using these gadgets due to the potential destructive impact on family relationships they pose.

Families are encouraged to create more bonding time with each other. Getting everyone involved in the kitchen and together at the dining table is the most ideal thing to do to avoid the negative effects of technology.

Learn to Cook as a Family

Families teach us values, help us acquire skills and learn the right behavior. When the family is strongly bonded, learning experiences are well managed and controlled which establishes a neat pattern of home life. Gather everyone in the kitchen during Saturday mornings to help cook the family’s favorite tilapia recipes.

Build Loyalty for Family Recipes

Family members stand together in all times — good and bad, sickness and health, failure and success — and fight for each other in things that are rightly supported by values. Dining out with friends is fun, but feasting on some pork barbeque, mashed potato and broccoli for dinner on a Friday night is more fun.

Cheers for Love

Love is the strongest bond in the family which induces privacy, intimacy, sharing, belongingness and caring. It defines the identity of the family as a whole and bridges one family member to another, which enhances patience and understanding.

A toast of wine and a kiss and a hug for mom and dad on their wedding anniversary would be a perfect expression of love to them.

A Bowl of Laughter

They say laughter is the best medicine. So when the family is faced with problems, no matter how big or small, it would be best to inform everyone about the issue and at the same time involve them in the action steps. This way, nobody would feel inferior but rather comforted and consoled.

Talk those problems out and come up with the best resolution over a bowl of hot mushroom soup and some corn muffins. Don’t forget to throw in some spices of wit and humor too.

Strips of Leadership

Each family member must assume a responsibility as well as allow everyone to speak their thoughts and feelings on family issues. Make everyone understand and abide by the rules and regulations to establish a unique family culture.

A fun way of doing this is by assigning one family member to be in charge of the TV remote during movie nights, while another prepares some chips and fresh fruit juice for snacks.

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