3 Ways to Maximize Kitchen Storage Space in Your Restaurant

When it comes to having an effective kitchen in a restaurant, one of the keys to success is maximizing your space.

Restaurant kitchens require a lot of equipment to run smoothly, from walk-in coolers, commercial ice makers or nugget ice makers, and various pots, pans, and utensils.

Here are 3 things you can do in order to maximize your space in your restaurant kitchen.

3 Ways to Maximize Kitchen Storage Space in Your Restaurant

Shelves, Shelves, Shelves

Shelving space is a kitchen must-have. You can’t possibly get the most out of your space without them.

You can put them inside your walk-in cooler, refrigerators/freezers, and dry storage closets, and attach them to walls for storing utensils, dishware, and spices.

You’ll want both kinds of shelvesas well as knife racks, and hooks you can attach to the bottom of your wall-hanging shelves.

You’ll want to purchase long work tables with two levels.

Every kitchen needs standard work tables for food preparation and storage. Two-level tables make it so your staff can keep the tabletops relatively clear for working while using the bottom level for storing various items.

Refrigerators, Coolers, and Freezers, Oh My!

To maximize your space, you should make sure you have at least one commercial refrigerator, walk-in cooler, and  ultra freezers.  This depends on the size of your restaurant and what types of food and beverage you serve.

Each one should be dedicated to a different storage type. For example, you should have a commercial refrigerator for keeping items like ready-to-serve side dishes and beverage items like milk and juice.

The walk-in cooler and freezers should be where the bulk of your food items are stored. You can put floor to ceiling shelves inside of them as well as rolling cart shelves for the most effective use of the space.

Organization is the Key to an Effective Kitchen

Keep everything organized. You should have designated areas for certain types of items.

You should purchase bins for storing loose items like empty ketchup and dressing bottles and their lids. Use that wall space as well!

Be strategic with your placement of kitchen equipment.

You’ll want the commercial ice maker or Manitowoc ice machine to be located not only near your soda machine, but also the bar if you have one,and the cooking area. That way, everyone has quick access to ice for their various needs.

Put a fridge near the food pick-up window with pre-prepared sides and dressings/dipping sauces stored inside so your staff can more quickly finish plating meals.

Know where a piece of equipment is going to be used the most and put it as near to that area as possible.

The Right Equipment and Organization Will Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Having the right types of shelves, kitchen equipment, commercial machines, and walk-in coolers is half of effectively utilizing your kitchen space.

The other half is knowing where to put all of these items and how to organize them.

Each restaurant will have a different layout and will need different items based on what they offer. But this guide is a good starting point for any restaurant owner looking to get the most of their space so their kitchen operates smoothly and effectively.

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