8 Different Ways To Brew Your Coffee

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Coffee is one such thing that most of us cannot survive without. We need it the first thing in the morning, we need it when we are stressed, we need it when we are tired, we need it when we plan to celebrate, and we need it when we go out on a date and post-break to boost your mood. So, coffee has a very important role to play in our lives and thus must be brewed to perfection. If you so long believed that there is just a way or two to brew coffee, you are wrong, there are quite a few brewing methods and we shall learn about the 8 most popular ones right away.

1.Drip/Pour Over Method

The drip method is one of the cheapest, simplest, and the most popular ways to make a perfect cup of coffee at home. The first thing you need to do is to grind your coffee beans properly. Next, place a cone or paper filter over your cup, add the ground beans, and then pour hot water over it. Your brewed coffee will pass through the paper filter (or cone) and collect in your cup. Remember, the kind of filter you use or the shape of your cone will influence your coffee’s flavor.


To make a perfect cup of espresso, hot water is pushed through a layer of ground compacted coffee, present in a port-filter. This is a very concentrated style of coffee, has a lot of flavor, aroma, and body, and contains a good amount of coffee solids and oils. What is most amazing about espresso is its foamy top layer and the low volume coffee that lies below. Undoubtedly, it gives a kind of experience that all coffee lovers adore, but it does involve a lot of preparation time as well.


This is a pretty cool and a new way to make a great cup of coffee at home. It was launched in the year 2005, and ever since it has become very popular. It has three parts and is made of plastic. The lower section of the Aeropress’ brew chamber has a coffee basket in which the filter is placed. Once the hot water is poured over the coffee grounds, they get fully immersed in water. Now you have to press down the plunger, which will create a high-pressure level, and help extract a nice strong flavor. In this case, the flavor and strength of the coffee that you get to enjoy is similar to that of espresso.

4.French Press

Many people who love perfect coffee love their French Press too. Here too you will need to use ground coffee, for which you may simply purchase those that are readily available in the market or you may grind your own coffee at home. Most coffee enthusiasts use coffee grinders to grind coffee beans at home because it allows them to get the exact type of result they want – coarse, fine, or super fine. Remember, it is only if you have the right ground coffee will you get a perfect cup of brew. Also, coffee that is ground at home offers a much better taste than the store-bought ones.

Anyhow, now that you have your coarsely home ground coffee ready, you need to add it to your French press pot wherein it will get soaked, steeped, and strained in boiling water. You can be sure of enjoying the perfect aroma and pure flavors and will fall in love, right after the very first sip.

5.Turkish Coffee

To make Turkish coffee, finely ground coffee is infused in almost boiling water. To enjoy the perfect brew you need to make sure you use the finest grind coffee, almost like a powder. For residential usage, there are no Turkish coffee grinders, though the manual mills can work perfectly. Remember, Turkish coffee offers the fullest body and if you prefer clear coffee you may not like this much.

6.Pour Over: Chemex

If you want to impress someone with your coffee making skills, then Chemex can easily help you do so. Chemex is a well-built and elegant pour over flask that was created in 1941 and is popular even today.   In this brewing method, specially designed Chemex paper filters are used, that is slightly heavier and thicker than the standard ones. To prepare the perfect brew, you need to first wet the filter, add the coffee grounds, and slowly pour hot water and allow the brew to drip into your pot.

Iced Coffee | www.thepeachkitchen.com

7.Cold Brew Coffee

If you love your coffee cold then a cold brew coffee is the right choice for you. What you need to do is take a little coarsely ground coffee, add some water, and allow it to steep overnight, or for at least 12 hours in the fridge. Next morning, strain the mixture and serve it cold with some ice cubes.

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