Mama V Delicious Meals To Go and Ready To Cook Meals

It’s not a big secret that I love cooking and I enjoy it. Cooking for my family is one of the ways I show them how much I love them. I make sure to cook delicious and nutritious food as much as I can. But sometimes, momlife can be too overwhelming with chores, tasks, and work. It’s during times like this, we need all the help we could get.

It’s either take out, food delivery, or ready to eat meals. Recently, I got to try Mama V Delicious Meals To Go and Ready To Cook Meals.

Mama V Delicious is a homemade food delivery service. They sell ready to eat food and frozen ones that you could simply fry when you need a delicious meal.

Here’s what I was able to try…

Mama V Delicious Carbonara

Their Filipino-style Bacon Carbonara (₱1,200|1kilo) is super creamy and is generously topped with bacon and cheese. It’s guaranteed to be loved by both kids and adult!

Mama V Delicious Garlic Sotanghon

Don’t let the simplicity of this Garlic Sotangon (₱800) fool you because each spoonful packs a flavor punch!

Mama V Delicious Angus Beef Tapa

Their Angus Beef Tapa (₱1,000|1kilo) comes in three flavors: salty, spicy, sweet. It’s guaranteed to satisfy your breakfast cravings. The Angus Beef Tapa comes in individually packed serving sizes and is juicy, flavorful, and tender when cooked.

They also have ready-to-fry Chicharon Bulaklak (₱1,000|1kilo) which also comes in individually packed servings. It’s already seasoned and all you need is a cup of rice (or two) and a small bowl of spicy vinegar for dipping.

For those who are trying to avoid meat, they have Daing Na Bangus (₱800|1.2kg) which comes in four individual servings. You can also slice these individual servings in two and pair it with sautéed vegetables.

For crispy snacking and cravings, try the Crispy Kropek (₱550|800g). It comes in  individual raw servings which you can fry whenever you like. Each serving yields two large plates of kropek.

The Bacon Carbonara, Garlic Sotanghon, And Crispy Kropek are great for pot lucks, parties, and family reunions. While the Angus Beef Tapa, Chicharong Bulaklak, and Daing Na Bangus are perfect at home when you’re too busy to go to the market and cook.

To order, drop by their website:


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40 Responses

  1. Wow… The best ito lalo na kung bitin sa time.. Fry nalang.. Love the daing na bangus..

    1. Sometimes when I get to busy to cook I use ready made meals. Although I doubt I could find these around here they sound delicious especially the Garlic Sotanghon. Sounds like you found a great company in Mama V Delicious.

  2. Carbonara naging fave ko na rin! Nung lagi may luto ang kapitbahay ang sarap pala .hehe . Yung chicharon sarap sa suka! . ?

  3. Wow ready meals n yan ang need ko kasi madalas natatamad na ko magprepare ng lutuin hehe at perfect pangsahog syempre ?

  4. Wow mashie sarap nila lahat it comes in different flavor pa angus tapa, sweet, spicy, plus chicharon bulaklak superb yummy sarap nakakatakam..

  5. Ang sasarap naman nun,..gusto ko carbonara, ang cute ng pancit..ay garlic sotanghon pala yun,..yung daing na bangus bet ko din… Ako mas gusto ko magluto, bukod sa mahal mag order, mas gudto mo yung ako nagluluto momsh,..mahilig kasi ako magluto..

  6. Ok now these look good and come on who doesn’t love a good ready to meal. I would love to have something like this to tuck into on those evening where I just want to relax and unwind.

  7. This looks so delicious! I love meal delivery services, and this is a new one to me! I will have to try it our because It looks like it would be great for easy weeknight meals with the family.

  8. These all sound like great options for busy families looking for a number of quick meal options that they can prepare especially when they are short on time. They all seem to have non-vegetarian options only. Maybe one day they can cater for other diets.

  9. When you find the time it needs to meal prep, always take it. Life is so much easier and smoother when you do!

  10. I love meals to go! I love services like this to make meals simpler because sometimes I dont have the time/

  11. Those are delicious and definitely great Filipino meals. It’s good and quick to prepare which makes it perfect. Chicharon bulaklak sounds interesting to try.

  12. Ready to use meals have saved my sanity so much during the weekdays. The kids are in all sorts of sports activities and we’re always on the go. I need to check out this company more and see if it’s something I can manage.

  13. I’ve never tried the ready to go meals from this company, however, I love the other premade frozen meals that I’ve tried before. These meals look delicious and would be great to try. Thanks for introducing us to them.

  14. I am so busy and I have used meal services before. Meals to Go is a great solution for people like me!

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