Fabriano Gas Range: My New Kitchen BFF

A couple of weeks ago, I welcomed this new Fabriano Gas Range in my kitchen.

Fabriano Gas Range: My New Kitchen BFF

It replaced a five year old gas range with 3 gas burners and 1 hot plate plus an electric oven. You know how much time I spend in the kitchen cooking and baking so by now, this Fabriano Gas Range and I  are new BFFs! I tried all of its functions the past week and I loved it.

Cooking on the Gas Stove

Fabriano Gas Range: My New Kitchen BFF

I enjoyed cooking with the four gas burners versus the three that I had before. I find that all four gas burners are useful depending on what you are cooking because of the amount of heat they provide. I also love that it has a cast iron pan support — perfect for heavy duty cooking! So kebs kung may party at magluto ako ng sankaterba, these gas burners can do it.

Fabriano Gas Range: My New Kitchen BFF

I cooked a copycat Beef Pepper Rice where in I used three gas burners. One for the beef, one for the honey garlic sauce, and one for the cauli rice. Cooking is easy because of full electronic ignition. You only need one hand to start and ignite the cooker.

Fabriano Gas Range: My New Kitchen BFF

Tada! Here’s what I served to my family… Low Carb Beef Pepper Rice. (Don’t worry, I’ll share the recipe on my next post, heehee)

Baking in The Oven

Next I tried is baking… I baked everybody’s favorite — Banana Bread!

I love that it has double glass oven doors that reflects heat back into the oven the door which makes it cool and safe to touch. It also has a built -in timer that reminds you of your cooking time.

This Banana Bread was cooked at exactly 30 minutes — I know because the oven’s Minute Minder sounded a loud DING! after 30 minutes. It’s a beauty, isn’t it? Perfectly cooked and yummy!

I also tried it with boneless bangus. Instead of grilling, I filled it it with chopped onions and tomatoes, wrapped it in foil and oven-baked it for 45 minutes. Healthy and yummy ulam na for lunch!

Roasting A Chicken in the Rotisserie

We love roasted chicken. So I had to try the rotisserrie! This is a 1kg whole chicken marinated in olive oil, minced garlic, rosemary, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

What I love naman about the rotisserie is that it’s not sideways. I think it’s easier to maneuver whether you’re tucking it in or taking it out.

And here’s our Garlic Rosemary Roasted Chicken which we had for lunch. It’s flavorful enough so I didn’t bother to make gravy anymore.

As you can see, my new Fabriano Gas Range is really my new BFF in the kitchen. She (she talaga?) is helping me a lot in making delicious homecooked meals that’s full of love for my family.

So what do I love about my new Fabriano Gas Range?

  1. It has a cast iron pan support  – the gas burners has an elegant design with pan supports that is suitable for heavy duty use.
  2. It has a flame safety device – it cuts off  the main gas supply automatically in seconds once the flame is extinguished.
  3. It has a triple ring burner – it guarantees even cooking that is up to 15% quicker than other rapid burners.
  4. It has a full electronic ignition – it easily start and ignite the cooker with just a press of a button. No need to use two hands.
  5. It has a built in timer or Minute minder – this guarantees precise oven cooking and baking times.
  6. It has double glass oven doors – which reflects heat back into the oven the door making it cool and safe to touch.
  7. It’s 100% made in Europe – It’s high quality, efficient performance, durable, and and of course has  a sleek style.

To know more about Fabriano, check out their website: https://www.cyaindustries.com/fabriano

or their FB Page: Fabriano Philippines.

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54 Responses

    1. emasarap magluto kapag may gamit sa kusina gaya ng iven lahat maluto jan.at bukod dun makkaagawa ng iba iba recipe sa ganyan Lutuan

  1. Yay na yay naman yan Momshy! How much po ba ang ganyan? Napakagandang tingnan. Sana ganito iregalo sa akin ni Mister. Haha. Napakaganda at maraming advantage. Yung tipong tapos kana magluto, magluluto ka uilt. Haha. Sino ba hindi gaganahan nito, eh pangalan pa lang nakaka-fab na. Haha. Yung hindi ka ma iistress sa pagluluto. Thanks for sharing Momshy. ?

  2. it really helps mommy . kasi kapag nagluluto ka gamit ang fabriano gas range you save more time para kapag tapos na magluto . meron kana time to bonding with your family at the same time sabay sabay pa kayo kakain . its perfect for a family . ??? thank you mommy for sharing . ?? FB charm vertudez

    1. Gusto ko to para mas makapagbake ng maayos ?
      Malakas po ba sa kuryente?

  3. Wow super ganda naman po ng Fabiano gas range niyo mommy. Sarap magluto nyan. Sana magkaroon din kami nyan. Daming benefits.

  4. Ganado talaga akong magluto lalo na kapag ganyan kaganda ang aking gamit na paglulutuan…?

  5. wow ganda nman ng gas range Nato pangarap Kong din magkaroon nito super easy gamitin at Napaka safe pa

  6. Grats mommy.
    Hindi pa ako nakakakita ng ganyan in personal..
    All in one hindi kana magagahol sa pag luluto,easy to use..
    Happy cooking talaga pag may ganyan..
    Gusto ko magkaroon ng ganyan ????

  7. Grabe ang ganda po Mommy Peach ng bago nyo pong gas range… Lalu po kayo gaganahan magluto. …. Heheh! Happy po lagi ang mga Kiddos and husband nyo po sa pineprepare nyo pong food.

  8. It’s been years since I had a gas cooker, ever since I moved from my home town I had electric hobs and ovens. I do appreciate gas cookers though, as you can control the temperature so much better.

  9. This sounds like a really good oven. I’m amazed it has a rotisserie attachment, none of my ovens have ever had that and I didn’t know those were even available!!!

  10. I’m ot usually a gas cooker person. I much prefer the safety of electric. That being said, this looks like a good model. People say food tastes different/cooks better on a gas hob.

  11. I can only assume how many delicious meals you will prepare now. It’s very cool how you can roast the chicken.

  12. I never heard of the Fabriano brand name before but I must say that their hob and oven looks very fancy. I am a firm believer that food cooked with gas tastes so much better compared to food cooked with an electric cooker.

  13. Oh my gosh! I had no idea that the flame protector was a feature! We’re in the market for a new stove so this is super helpful.

  14. Eto yung isa sa mga gusto ko na magkaroon ako,laking tulong kasi pwede kang magluto na sabay sabay?
    At sarap lalo na pagbe/bake?

  15. What a timely post! The burners of our old stove are already acting up. We really need a new stove or gas range. A gas range would be nice so that I can bake in it, too. Hmmm Budget budget…

  16. That looks like an amazing range! My gas one is on the fritz as well and I’ve been looking around for a good replacement. E

  17. I’ll never be able to use anything but a gas range again – a good gas range makes ALL the difference in cooking! This one looks like a beauty.

  18. wow! Ganyan yung gusto kong kalan..haha.. all in na, soon bili ako ng ganyan..lalo nat mahilig ako magbake at magluto .. hindi pa din ako nakakakita nyan sa personal.. sarap po siguro pagganyan ang lutuan ..

    1. thanks. walang ganyang model dun sa kukuhanan ko eh. kaya ung 3 burner + 1 electric plate ang kukunin ko. 60cm dn sya. question po ulit, sa ganyang size na oven, gano kalaki ang kasyang baking sheet/pan? tnx ulit.☺

  19. Hi. What is the max oven temp for this? Accurate ba yung temperature or may konting adjustment sa guage ng oven temperature setting?

  20. Hi po ate, beginner palang po ako and pwede po ba tanungin kung anong flame gagamitin pag magbebake po ng cupcake? Yung flame po ba sa baba or sa taas po?

  21. Hi! I also got a Fabriano, wala talaga syang temp reader ano? You said you bought a thermometer. Can you put the thermoter inside the oven?

    1. Yes wala talaga syang thermometer and yes, the thermometer is inside the oven from pre-heating to the whole baking time. Siguro mga P450 tong thermometer.

  22. My grill temperature only achieves up to 100C. Is this normal? For baking, max temp is 250C

  23. Hi po, ask ko lang po bakit ang ganda ng pag luto mo ng banana loaf bread. yung medyo ma brown yung taas at ang ganda ng alsa. bumili din po kasi ako ng fabriano gas range yung red nila. pangit po ng gawa ko flat lang po yung taas ng muffins ko unlike po yung luto ko sa electric oven namin. any suggestion po kung ano ang pwede kong gawin. thank you po at malaking tulong po ito sa akin. God Bless!

  24. I just got one mine yesterday and was excited to bake but the oven didn’t lit up, though the burners were working… And it sucks because today is Sunday and the shop is closed..

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