The Rise of Meal Delivery Services in 2020

When food delivery started making its way to the streets in late 2012 and early 2013, we never knew that the industry could grow into a multi-million economic activity. In fact, the number of people eating from food deliveries has even surpassed the number visiting groceries. You can  order meal kits for singles, if your plus one isn’t around for a sumptuous meal kits dinner. You just place your order, and after thirty minutes or so, you have your doorbell ringing! However, we are yet to see if the culture will spread to the countryside too, as it is common in cities and large towns only. 

The Rise of Meal Delivery Services in 2020

With food delivery services reporting a growth of over 200% customer base every year, what should we expect in 2020? The industry is already doing well, and if something comes up, it has to be new and extraordinary. For instance, here are a few projections and trends that are anticipated to scale high in 2020:

  • Grocery delivery

As we mentioned in the introduction, the number of people visiting groceries has gone low in the recent past, and most stores are now thinking about coming to the consumer. It is now prevalent to see a grocery store offering home and office deliveries for fruits and vegetables. We are expecting this trend to gear up in 2020, with many service providers extending courtesy to major grocery retailers in cities.

  • Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks

For soft drinks, it was common back then when customers could order them alongside their favorite dishes. Well, since alcohol should also be consumed conveniently, alcoholic drinks delivery is now a common thing, and the trend is set to take the lead in 2020.

  • Ghost kitchens

Just as the name suggests, ghost kitchens are temporary, and soon as the peak hours are over, you’ll neither see the kitchen nor the staff. Ghost kitchens operate like any other restaurant, only that they come directly to the customer, and they also have a dining space. You come, pick your food and take it to your office or home. Ghost kitchens are more or less the same as food delivery since they bring convenience from the city hassles right into your neighborhood. The number of ghost kitchens is also projected to increase this year as the reception is quite warm.

  • Eco-friendly delivery

There are calls from every walks of life to save the planet earth. Consequently, customers have become so conscious of this and will only order through eco-friendly service providers. For instance, more companies are now going green, and most packaging is cotton-based, which is highly biodegradable or can be easily recycled. 

The Rise of Meal Delivery Services in 2020

  • Restaurants own-delivery

Well, unlike before, most restaurants are now offering delivery services through their own means or most preferred channels. Maybe restaurants want drivers who can be fully accountable to their services or just getting closer to the consumer.  

  • More delivery options

Every year, the number of car owners increases tremendously in every city. It seems like the economy is doing well, and disposable incomes have increased among the middle class. Due to this factor, traffic jams are inevitable. There is, therefore, a call for several delivery options. Well, in 2020, you should forget about your favorite cab driver or motorcycle guy. Most delivery companies have marshaled young teens to deliver using skateboards and shoes. Remember, a skater can take less than five minutes to transverse one corner to another of a city even during traffic. Moreover, delivery has started going beyond downloadable apps, and you can now place orders via social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. And who knows, maybe you should just expect delivery from a drone one day!

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