Coffee Brewing Methods: Find the One That Works Best for You

A perfect cup of coffee can certainly set a positive and energetic tone for the entire day. With multiple options and methods to brew coffee, it can become overwhelming to find the best one for you.

Comparing coffee brewing methods can help in understanding the process and determine which one gives you the taste you are looking for. You can identify the differences in taste, tones, ease of use, the effort required, and time to find your preferred coffee brewing method. 

 Person Pouring Coffee
Person Pouring Coffee from a French Press

We have made things easier for you by highlighting six popular coffee brewing methods, along with the pros and cons of each method. Start ordering coffee beans online and experiment with these coffee brewing methods to find the best one for you:

1. French Press

French Press is one of the easiest ways of brewing coffee that is hard to mess up. What makes this brewing method ideal is that it can make multiple cups of coffee as compared to the pour-over method and AeroPress method.

The French Press is ideal to make bold roasted flavors, and dark to medium roast blends.

Some pros of using this brewing method include:

  •         No fancy techniques needed
  •         A full and rich profile of coffee
  •         Creates multiple cups
  •         Easy to clean and use

Some cons of using this brewing method include:

  •         Not as efficient as other methods in extracting full flavors
  •         Takes more than five minutes to brew
2. Filter Pour Over Technique

The filter pour-over technique allows you to truly enjoy the natural taste of each coffee. Whether coffee maker and filter you prefer to use, the method stays the same. Add the coffee grounds to the filter in the flask and pour hot water over it. Allow it to drip through the grounds in the flask.

It is ideal for medium to light roast with fruity and citrus flavors. It lets you taste the real flavor of the coffee without changing its acidity, mouthfeel, or body.

Some pros of using this brewing method include:

  •         Outstanding flavor clarity
  •         Elegant design

Some cons of using this brewing method include:

  •         Takes time to get perfect extraction
  •         Lower durability of the glass flask
  •         Added expenses of filter
3. Siphon Method

The siphon brew method is intricate and produces tea-like, delicate coffee. It uses fire, vacuum pressure, and immersion to create coffee. Water is placed in the glass bulb of the machine; the flame heats the water until it percolates toward the hopper.

When the water is at an ideal temperature, you can add the coffee grounds. After stirring, remove the device from heat. The change in pressure draws the coffee through the filter in the bulb and your cup is ready.

Some pros of using this brewing method include:

  •         A fun and dramatic way to make coffee
  •         Provides better control on steeping time and heat
  •         Extracts maximum flavors of the coffee

Some cons of using this brewing method include:

  •         The device is delicate and easily breakable
  •         Intensive cleaning is required
  •         Full attention is required to make coffee
  •         Can be expensive
4. Drip Coffee Maker

Drip machines make amazing coffees and also make multiple cups by simply pushing a button. However, it is essential to invest in a good quality drip coffee maker as cheaper ones can’t reach the right temperature to extract full flavors of the coffee effectively.

This could be an issue if you are using lighter roasts that require high temperatures to properly brew. Drip coffee maker is ideal for roasty flavors and dark to medium roast blends.

Some pros of using this brewing method include:

  •         No additional equipment required
  •         Multiple cups of coffee
  •         Easy to use and convenient

Some cons of using this brewing method include:

  •         Added expenses of filters
  •         Not ideal for single cup
  •         Not all coffee makers reach the right temperature
5. Clever Dripper

This technique combines the pour-over method and full immersion to give you an amazing cup of coffee. This method is low maintenance and provides the benefits of great mouthfeel and clarity of flavors.

All you have to do is weigh the coffee beans, grind the coffee, then place the filter over the dripper. Add in the coffee and hot water, then let it brew. Stir the coffee and pour it into a cup. This method is excellent for dark and medium blends of coffee.

Some pros of using this brewing method include:

  •         Combination of percolation and full immersion brewing
  •         Versatile and easy to use
  •         No additional equipment required

Some cons of using this brewing method include:

  •         Doesn’t effectively extract full flavors
  •         Added expenses of filters
6. AeroPress

If you want versatility then AeroPress is a great coffee brewing option for you. It does not just help you make coffee at home but its portability lets you take it on the road or for camping. It is sturdy, easy to pack, light, and creates delicious coffee.

It uses a combination of pour-over brewing method and full immersion brewing while introducing a variable pressure. You can easily manipulate the character and flavor of the coffee as you prefer. It is ideal for medium roast blends.

Some pros of using this brewing method include:

  •         Combines pour-over and full immersion brewing
  •         Extremely sturdy
  •         Easy to take on travels
  •         Efficient and versatile

Some cons of using this brewing method include:

  •         Added expenses of filters
  •         Not ideal for making more than 10 oz of coffee

With the coffee industry innovating and evolving, there are numerous ways to make coffee right in the comfort of your home. Every person has their own coffee preference, which is why trying out these coffee brewing methods will help you find your preferred taste and method. Do make some adjustments in the amount of coffee and water, as well as the brewing time to find the right technique.

Give these methods a few tries before you decide. Moreover, always make sure to invest in high-quality coffee as it has a major impact on the overall taste. Don’t be afraid to experiment as some trial and error are expected when you try out a method for the first time.


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