Halloween Party Idea: Bloody Glasses for your Halloween Party

Who’s in the mood for bloody glasses in the morning?

I am!

LOL! Just kidding.

I didn’t have time to whip up something cool or delicious for you this morning.

I had errands  and some Technical Writer Jobs thingies to attend to.

…so I thought I’d just make something that might make your Halloween party a little more SPOOKY.

And I bet  your guests  and your family will love the idea!

What could be more spooky than drinking from bloody glasses? Huh?

This is pretty easy and will take you no time to prepare.

Just remember that you should do this just before the guests arrive or just before the family eats dinner on Halloween night.

Here’s what you need to do for your Bloody Glasses for Halloween.

Combine ½ cup corn syrup, honey or the ever reliable maple syrup and a few drops of  Red Gel Food Color in a bowl.

Mix it well until corn syrup, honey or maple syrup turns red

then get your glasses  ready for the dipping….

Dip the mouth of each glass into the red corn syrup and just let nature do it’s thing…

The “blood” will ooze down the body of the glass for the spooky effect!


Hmmmnnn… I think I’ll drink my coffee in a bloody glass today…


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12 Responses

  1. Hello, is it possible to change corn syrup for usual sugar syrup? I am from Russia and it`s difficult to find corn syrup)

    1. Ni Nickolay, Yes, it’s possible. Just make a thick sugar syrup and I’m sure it will work. I hope you can send me a photo should you decide to make this. Thanks!

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