Dirty Cottonbuds, another Halloween Nibble

The other night, I dreamt I was out buying running shoes.

Man, that was terrifying.

I’m too lazy to exercise in real life.

There was this one time that I made it my goal to work out every other night.

I didn’t even make it to the other night…I lasted one night…LOL.

Exercise and going on a diet are not my thing, really, but I try my best…

I will go on a diet with the best Fall recipes in mind.

Yes, I believe that is possible..hee.

This is the end.

The end of my Halloween recipes for 2011.

This is gonna be my last dose of grossness as the month of October is approaching to an end.

It’s gonna be Halloween on monday and I think I posted enough Halloween recipes this year…

I had fun , I hope you had fun with me.

..and I hope you stay for another adventure….

..with Fall recipes and some not-so-fall recipes…

For now, let’s nibble on some used cottonbuds..

Dirty Cottonbuds, another Halloween Nibble


small marshmallows
lollipop sticks


  • Just stick a marshmallow on both ends of the lollipop stick and then dip in peanutbutter to resemble a used cottonbuds/q-tips.
  • Serve on a plate with real cottonbuds.


  1. Anonymous says

    ahaha, nakakatuwa reaction ni Ykaie, kakainin ba nya o galing sa tenga? hihi

    I really had fun looking at your amazing creations sis, aw! last na? pwede pa request isa pa :)

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