Spider Deviled Eggs

Spider Deviled Eggs

Spider Deviled EggsStill looking for an appetizer for your Halloween party?

If the SEVERED FINGERS are too gross for you, I have another suggestion.

Why not make these Bacon Deviled Eggs, instead?

I mean, eggs and bacon makes a terrific combination…

and you always make deviled eggs anyway so I’m sure you could make this in what, like 30 minutes?

No sweat, right?

Makes the guests happy and the children creeped out by the spiders…

They might skip eggs during breakfast for a while.

I’m doing the laundry today…

Let’s chat tomorrow….

Don’t worry, I’m still leaving you the recipe…

Spider Deviled Eggs



Spider Deviled Eggs

8 eggs, hardboiled 2 pcs. of bacon ¼ cup mayonnaise 1 tbsp mustard salt and pepper chives (optional) cayenne powder pitted black olives

  • Author: The Peach Kitchen


  • 8 eggs, hardboiled
  • 2 pcs. of bacon
  • ¼ cup mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp mustard
  • salt and pepper
  • chives (optional)
  • cayenne powder
  • pitted black olives


  1. Cut eggs in half lengthwise and scoop out the yolks.
  2. Fry bacon until crispy, drain into paper towels and crumble into little bits.
  3. Mash the yolks in a bowl, then add bacon crumbles, mayonnaise, mustard ,cayenne pepper, salt and pepper.
  4. Stir until well blended.
  5. Pipe around a tablespoon of the mixture into the hollow of each half of egg.
  6. Put half of an olive in the middle of the yolk mixture for the spider’s body
  7. Put tiny slices of black olives on the sides for the spider legs
  8. Chill and serve

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21 Responses

  1. You  are simply  a monster in  food art creations!  Ang galing mo Peach..  Even if i try the recipe, I don’t think I could make it the way you did!

  2. OMG…I love your creations!  these Spidere-d deviled eggs are so awesome.  🙂  SO much fun for Halloween party!

  3. Crepy !!!   I loved the idea of ​​using olives for spiders.Looks delish 

  4. coool!~ coool!~ I really hate spiders you know. but that egg is so cute with the spiders. hahah!~ i was so curious what is that black on the top. is that the bacon? it doesn’t look like bacon at all xD

  5. if i were to be asked, i would pair this up with the severed fingers. may hotdog ka na, may it log ka pa. kompletos recados na breakfast meal.

  6. I was wondering when I first saw the picture if the spiders are edible because I can’t think of any food that will look like that. Ah well, it’s olives. Siguro kasi we don’t use olives sa food namin. Puros pinoy/ilocano food kami.  By the way, this one I can take. The hotdogs, still haunt me. haha.. I will tweet you’re blog. I just love going here. But you already know that. 🙂

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