Media Noche 2012

The Media Noche feast symbolizes hope for a bountiful year, that’s why families prepare special dishes to grace the table.

This year, sis and I prepared finger foods for Media Noche and ate earlier than usual because we wanted to wait for the turn of the year outside — in front of my computer shop. We set up some chairs and tables there and took out chips, sodas, onion rings and a few alcoholic drinks while we enjoyed some sparklers and watched as the neighbors  lit up their fireworks.

Sis bought some fresh fruits and made Chocolate Fondue for the kids and adults to enjoy.

She also made this Raspberry Mousse with fresh Raspberries and Diced brownies which my niece Missy and I really loved!

I made Crispy Pizza Bites which  are gone in a minute!

and super tasty Crispy Shrimp Wontons that my brother dipped in the chocolate fondue instead of the sweet chili sauce. I don’t know to whom should I credit his weird taste.

The smokey cheese in sis’s colorful and elegant Canapes is now one of my favorite cheeses. As a matter of fact I ate it for breakfast this morning.

I wanted a cake with big 2012 candles, so we bought one — and in my favorite flavor too! Chocolate Caramel Decadence!

With the kids in mind, Sis and I concocted a Non-Alcoholic White Sangria.

It was a lovely spread and there were no leftovers….

Sparklers and trumpet sounds came later outside. More photos at The Mommy Who Never Sleeps.

How was your New Year?

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17 Responses

  1. Peach, i think your kitchen is better than any luxurious restaurants i have been into. i wonder why am i not invited. bwahahaha. i will give generous tip naman ah, hahahaha. sarap cguro tumira sa bahay nyo noh. i wish your kitchen is an extension to mine. 🙂

  2. What a great celebration! I love your photos! I wish I was bringing in the new year with you!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful feast, Happy new year to you and your family. Thanks for sharing the post with Hearth and soul blog hop.

  4. Happy New Year! It sure looks that you all had a nice time celebrating the New Year 🙂  Everything looks delicious!

  5. It looks so delicious and fun!! You can tell that you didn’t just toss together something – you made the food with love!

  6. Happy New Year to you and your family! Love all the food….look too delicious…mmmm. Hope you have  wonderful day! MaryMoh at

  7. WOW. the fare looks really amazing – sort of what you’d find at a restaurant the way it has been plated. the 2012 photo looks great as well! did you use sparklers? 

  8. Grabe Peach, have you considered getting into a catering gig? Can’t imagine the truck load of patience you’d have to have preparing all these food, not to mention the nice presentation each one has. *clap clap clap* Galing! 🙂

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