Chocolate Fondue and Positive Vibes for 2012

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue |

I want this blog to be the kind of blog you go to when you’re down and you need something to uplift your spirits…

…the kind of blog that talks about positive things and negative things in a positive way…

…the kind of blog that cheers you up and laughs with you about the craziest thing that happens everyday…

…the kind of blog that talks about food and feelings…

…the kinds of blog that talks about real life…

My 2011 has been an amazing year but it wouldn’t have been as amazing if you weren’t hanging out with me all through out the year.

Admit it, it was fun…

Thank you so much for hearing my thoughts, sharing lunch and waiting while I’m busy in the kitchen.

Thank you so much for letting me share with you the things that I love most.

Let’s all start 2012 with a smile and dip into it like it’s a rich, decadent chocolate fondue….!


Chocolate Fondue |

I’m starting the year with chocolate…great idea, huh?


Chocolate Fondue and Positive Vibes for 2012

  • Author: The Peach Kitchen


  • 6 oz dark chocolate or milk chocolate
  • ½ cup cream or milk
  • dipping items such as strawberry, pineapple chunks, melon balls, marshmallows and grapes


  1. Chop chocolate in small pieces and melt in a double broiler.
  2. Add cream/milk while stirring continuously
  3. Stir until completely melted, smooth and glossy
  4. Transfer to a bowl or a fondue pot
  5. Serve with dipping items

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Wishing everyone a HAPPIER NEW YEAR!

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11 Responses

  1. Chocolate fondue is the perfect way to start every year(or every day)!! Happy New Year to you!

  2. A very positive year ahead of us all!  Thanks Peachy for the reminder!  Hope to see you soon!  Cheers to more foodie fun!

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