C-Lium Lose More, Live More Weight Loss Challenge, The Final Journey

And so this is the end of my Lose More, Live More Journey with C-Lium Fibre. It has been such a long journey with many obstacles along the way.

When I started this journey, I am living such a sedentary lifestyle. One without even a minute of exercise and eating all the wrong kinds of food in big portions. This led me to a weight of 171 lbs and a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30.4 which is  not only overweight but Obese. {A few more added weight and I might have worn my Maternity Pants}

After only a month of doing the challenge, I managed to lose 8lbs. Those 8 lbs that I lost, I lost without starvation, palpitations or the feeling of being deprived like all the other fad diets that I tried. It took a lifestyle change and the help of C-Lium Fibre.

My goal was to be healthy not to be thin. I know I had to make smart eating choices to set an example to Ykaie who’s growing up to be a foodie. Weight loss followed. I also tried to exercise at least thrice a week. Can you imagine how much weight I would lose if I exercised everyday?

Today, I am not obese anymore but I’m still overweight. I’m still working on that, one day at a time… Eyes on the prize: Lose more to live more…..

Yes , there are cheat days and there will be cheat days….but that’s all they’re gonna be, will be getting back on track the next day. I have lost 3lbs more since last month.

A big THANKS to C-lium Fibre for such a rewarding experience. More than the weight, I still have to work on lowering my cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar.

Before and After Photos

I an really embarrassed to show this here but this shows how much weight I lost. LOL!


Some Photos from the The C-Lium Final Journey PressCon

 mommy bloggers all glammed-up for the presscon

Thank you to SM Ladies Fashion for the beautiful dresses and to Tipping Point Collective stylists.


  1. Selba says

    Congratulations, Peachy! Wow..only one month but can tell directly that you look different in better shape :) I wish I could also have the determination to do it. Everytime, it only last for 1 or 2 weeks then back again to old habits, hehehe….

  2. John Ray Cabrera says

    my friend happens to be a product endorser of this brand. i don’t know if it played a significant role, but she lost a lot during her stint at the Biggest Loser reality show.

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