SkinWhite Inspires Towards A #BetterMe

SkinWhite Inspires Towards A #BetterMe

Skinwhite is one of those products that I believed in because I know it works. It was the first whitening lotion I used when I got really sunburned in Palawan several years ago. I didn’t regret using it because it didn’t only bring my skin back to normal, it actually lightened it. I think this is the reason why SkinWhite is the leading and pioneer skin whitening brand in the Philippines.

SkinWhite aims to give young Filipinas the tools they need to improve who they are—both inside and out. That’s why they launched a four-month campaign called #BetterMe, to help inspire and empower teens.

SkinWhite Inspires Towards A #BetterMe

Last April 22, 2015, the SkinWhite Captivate Council girls were given time to talk and mingle with 20 girls from Barangay Tagalag in Valenzuela City through a charity event. It is the 2nd poorest barangay in Valenzuela. Here, they got to know the stories of the girls and learn about one another’s lives.

A Personality Development Seminar was given by singer KA Antonio. She shared her tips on how stay confident and love your unique qualities. She also highlighted the importance of good grooming and making yourself feel beautiful with the help of the SkinWhite Lotion, Soap, Deodorant, Cleanser, Creams, and Face Cream Powder.

The Marketing and Brand Activation Group prepared goodie bags that were distributed to all the girls.

On Giving Back

I think it’s very important to give back, most specially to those who are in need. Even if you’re going through a difficult time, make sure you take care of yourself. When you make time to make yourself feel good, then you have enough energy to make others feel good also. I feel very blessed to have been given so much and I’m very grateful for all the blessings that I receive. So I make sure I do my part and share these blessings to those people who needs it most. I donate to charities and give to those who knock on our door.

Giving back and doing good for other people is very nice because we get to help others and it also makes us feel good at the same time. We Filipinas are soft-hearted and we always make sure to do good to other people specially to our family and our friends. Of course, in doing good for others, it’s  also important to take care of ourselves so that we can continuously give back.

So what do you do to take care of yourselves? Below are a few tips and tricks to make yourself feel better.

SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion, P71 for 50ml, P123.25 for 75ml, P235 for 200ml.

Tips and Tricks to Make Yourself Feel Better:

We all have bad days and these are the days when we feel down. This can be triggered by bad hair, forgetting to set your alarm, or a pimple on your face. Whatever the reason why you’re feeling down, you can make yourself feel better by doing these simple things:

  • Smile and always think positive.
  • Watch a feel good movie.
  • Dance like no one’s watching.
  • Call a friend and tell them how you’re feeling. Being able to get that load off your chest will instantly lift up your mood.
  • Drink lots of water. It will clear your skin and will help your digestion.
  • Use SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Lotion for radiant, brighter skin. It has SPF to help protect skin from UV rays and darkening. It also whitens the skin instantly! Check out the before and after photos below.

SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Lotion uses an exclusive Advanced Tripower Technology to whiten instantly and continuously to help reveal your whitest white. It also contains a Vitanourish formula that’s spiked with vitamins B3, B5 and E to give your skin intense moisturization and protects you from UV rays and further skin darkening with SPF20.

For better results, you can use this with other SkinWhite products such as: Skinwhite Advanced Power Whitening Soap, SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Facial Cleanser, and Skinwhite Power Whitening Face Cream Powder.

Now that I am a mom of two pretty girls, I am more inspired to become a #BetterMe, inside and out. I know I will inspire my girls to do the same as they get older.

Check out SkinWhite’s latest commercial here:

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66 Responses

  1. We must always make ourselves look and feel good because when we do, we get to be more inspired or motivated to things. It’s like opening ourselves to positive energy everyday. There’s nothing wrong with being “vain” or too conscious of our appearance because it simply shows how we value ourselves. This #BetterMe campaign by SkinWhite is ideal for women today.

  2. I use skinwhite as my lotion. It smells so good and very affordable. Your post reminded me that my eldest can maybe use na this lotion. I’m happy too that they have this kind of program which gives back socially.

  3. I have a few friends who swear but SkinWhite but I haven’t tried it out for myself yet. I definitely try and always smile and think positive on a daily basic <3

  4. I think any campaign to increase the self confidence is great. Isn’t it amazing how we all want to change something about ourselves? It seems that skin lightening is a big thing in the Philippines, but over here in the States, all of us pink people are trying to tan!

  5. I’m a little confused as to why there is a product that whitens your skin, but as long as it doesn’t harm you I guess it would be a good product. Happy to hear about all of the things that they are doing to help inspire and promote confidence in teens.

  6. I am happy to see that there is a corporation that is taking steps to inspire young women. Although I don’t really understand the need for the product (I confess to absolute ignorance on this one), it doesn’t seem to do any harm, so that’s a wonderful thing.

  7. It’s funny to see the different kind of products that are used in different parts of the world. Most people over here are looking to be tanner 😛

  8. love this campaign and i love the results of te product. very good tips included in the post. i love when women do things for them.

  9. The lotion form makes application a breeze. I’ve heard of these before, but I’m too white and looking for ways to add color. 🙂

  10. I have tried a few skin whitening products before but skinwhite wasn’t one of them. It can get ridiculously expensive to get a fair skin that’s why I am contented of having morena skin because where I am, white people dig it. LOL!

  11. I’m not really a fan of whitening since it’s rather useless for me because I always stay under the sun haha. But the #BetterMe campaign sure helps in boosting the confidence of many women. 🙂

  12. What a wonderful campaign although I’m not a huge fan of Skinwhite or other whitening products. I’m very comfortable and confident with being a morena. But my sister and mom who are absolutely obsessed with getting whiter skin would love this product. It sure lightened your skin.

  13. It’s so nice of SkinWhite to launch such a meaningful campaign. I didn’t know that they have a lot of other products aside from the whitening lotion. 🙂

  14. I don’t find anything wrong with dark or brown color. I believe somehow that most Filipinos start to glow and look better when they turn lighter.
    These products are helpful to promote proper hygiene. Better confidence? Maybe.:)

  15. I really love companies that are genuine when it comes to their corporate social responsibilities. Go Skin White!

  16. I think I tried SkinWhite before back in high school! I’m not so great kasi with morning/night routines so I didn’t get the results they promised. This is good for those who are very meticulous with their skin. 🙂

  17. It’s so nice of brands to remember to give back! Skinwhite just made it sure that apart from giving away skin lotions that boost women’s confidence, they also have taught them that no matter what your status is in life, you can feel better about yourself too. I love that they tried to know each of the girls that day. It’s making people feel that we care that makes them realize they’re worthy of our attention.

  18. I used to use skin whitening products a lot when I was younger. ANyway, with so many advocacies on beauty nowadays, good grooming is starting to get forgotten. So this is great! Girls need to know it’s important to take care of their hygiene

  19. I used to use skinwhite too, and I agree that it works. I love how brands organise programs like these to give back to the community.

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