Inihaw na Liempo at Tilapia (Grilled Pork Belly and St. Peter’s Fish)

We usually grill pork belly, pork barbecue and fish when there are lots of people in the house. Yesterday was an exception, these are the pork bellies that were supposed to have been grilled and eaten last Sunday but due to lack of manpower (my sister who calls herself Anney,Ykaie and I went to the mall) they were tucked back inside the fridge.

Sis made a side dish of pickled radish and I was in-charge of grilling. I really don’t know what the reason is but I love love love love loooove♥♥♥ grilling. Maybe it’s my dislike for dry grilled food that makes me volunteer whenever there is something to grill .

Lunch gave me a chance to try out my new “toys“. Aren’t they perfect?? I bet the sun is drooling over the perfectly grilled fish and meat.

And I bet my new model, a.k.a. peanubutter, is enjoying his job very much.What d’ya think?

My grilling has evolved since then.Drop by at blowing peachkisses.

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  1. he he he, hindi ko alam na St. Peter’s Fish pala english ng Tilapia, dito kasi tawag eh Tilapia din. 🙂

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