Flavours of China

ykaie and her pretty aunt

I already lost count on the number of times we’ve eaten at FOC. My ILs love Chinese specially my FIL. I guess my husband, peanutbutter, took after his father and is more inclined to choose chinese over any other cuisine.

We ate again at Flavors of China a couple of days before my SIL went back to Dubai. Yup, peanutbutter and SIL both work overseas. This served as a “despedida” {going away} dinner and a pre-Father’s day dinner.

Garlic Fried Rice {P155}

A serving of garlic fried rice is already enough for the six of us..

Mixed Seafood Curry {P235}

Their seafood curry has fish fillet, shrimp and squid but I couldn’t taste the coconut milk in it.I better make my own version soon.

Flavors of China Spareribs {P260}

My photo of the spareribs sucks because of the lighting and the color of the spareribs {yup, I’m blaming it on the food.LOL!}. BUT this is very delicious and I couldn’t stop myself from getting another…… and another… and another.

Tasty Flavours Fried Chicken -half {P210}

We just had to order fried chicken because this is the only viand that ykaie would eat.

Lechon Macau {P240}

This is FOC’s verison of Lechon con Tokwa. I love it because the prok was tender and the sauce is very tasty. The consistency is perfect too.

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