A Late Lunch at Butter Diner

Notice the disheveled hair and just-woke-up look?

Yup, just right after ykaie and I woke up after a relaxing two-hour afternoon nap, we  decided to use this complimentary movie tickets that I have at the Gateway mall in Cubao.

I have lots of memories of Cubao.

I grew up watching the C.O.D. manequin show there and I remember the mall trips and the Christmas shopping sis and I used to  make when I was still a short-haired seven-year-old.

Since I love breakfast dishes and I could just eat them all day, I chose to eat it for a late lunch. We headed for Butter Diner.

Toast and 3 Flavors of Butter {P85/$1.90}

Butter Diner got it’s name because they started out serving 30 flavors of butter. Nowadays, they only have 10 flavors. I guess these are the flavors that most customers choose to accompany their pancakes and toasts.

I started with toasts and to accompany it, I chose Butter Diner’s Famous Strawberry Butter, Cinnamon Raisin and Orange Valenciana. You can add extra scoop of butter for P15 and choose from the other flavors which are: Mango Tango, Ham and Cheese, Crispy Garlic, Crazy Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Delight, BBQ Party and  Smokin’ Bacon.

Cheese Puffs {P85/$1.90}

Their cheese puffs are very much like my Cheese Sticks, only they’re like cheese popcorns. I love these!

Chocolate Pancakes {P110/$2.55}

With the kids love for chocolate came their order of Chocolate pancakes. Butter Diner’s version is fluffy and has crunchy edges. I wonder how their strawberry pancakes tastes like.

Sausage and Eggs {P99/$2.30} + French Toasts and a scoop of butter {P35/$0.81}

Sis the sausage lover ordered a big breakfast plate complete with two sunny-side-up eggs….

Pork & Tofu {P120/$2.70}

..she also ordered one of her fave Pork & Tofu.

Butter Diner also started out as the All-American Diner of the 1950’s with dishes such as Louisiana Pork Chops, James Dean’s Favorite and Marilyn’s Pan-Fried Fish but as time goes by, Filipino favorites showed up in their menu like the Pork & Tofu above and the Sizzling Sirloin Salpicao below.

Beef Salpicao {P210/$4.80}

I am a sucker for good Salpicao.

Ykaie and Cyra

I wish Butter Diner was able to maintain the cozy atmosphere they had when they first opened.

Since the restaurant is open 24 hours and lots of people really go here to hang-out, eat or have drinks, the restaurant’s ambience doesn’t emit the same cozy atmosphere anymore.

If you happen to be in Cubao and you love breakfasts, butter or good Salpicao, I suggest you check out this small restaurant. I’ll bet you’ll like it.

Butter Diner
Ground Level Shopwise Arcade,
Gen. Aguinaldo Ave., Araneta Center
Quezon City

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7 Responses

  1. ooooooooooh. cheese puffs!!! I hope they have marinara sauce for that :DDDD just like mozzarella sticks!~ <3

  2. What a fantastic place to go with all of those different butter options?!  Love the photos and the food sounds delicious!   Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment.  It led me to your blog and I’ve enjoyed my visit very much!  Have a great day, Candace

  3. aawww! you just remind me of COD.. my family and I used to watch shows there during the 80s 🙂  left you a kiss, girl! hope i get one back, thanks!

  4. I am a COD baby too.. Those different flavors of  butter are interesting. The kids are too cute. 🙂

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