Used Band Aids, a Halloween Nibble

I am scared of riding at the back of the motorcycle…

If I had lived another time, I wouldn’t survive as James Dean’s girlfriend or Marlon Brando’s girlfriend…

Well, not that they had expressed any interest in my dreams…but you know what I mean.

Yes, it does look absolutely cool but it scares the bejezzus out of me…like, a lot!

Even if  I’m just riding at the back of the trike, I never liked it,

I have this weird feeling of falling off of it anytime soon while I’m on it…

but sometimes, I don’t have a choice because I’m with the kids and sis…

So I fake it.

I fake the confidence of sitting at the back of the trike…

It’s that simple.

Nobody knows I’m scared…

I survive to live another day…

But I love gross and spooky stuff…

Stuff which I can play in food…

And once a year during Halloween, I can do all the things I want…

Let the grossness begin!

Starting with the mild ones of course….

I’ll start with these band aids…

Don’t be a sissy, I know you secretly want these things….

Used Band Aids

Inspired by: Saucy Sprinkles


Graham Crackers , good thing I still have a lot left from FrankenS’mores Pops
Vanilla Frosting
Strawberry Jam {mixed with:}
a few drops of Pink Food Color Gel


  • Cut each graham squares lengthwise to mimic shape of band aids.
  • Put vanilla frosting in a squarish shape in the middle for the gauze thing
  • Add a small dollop of Strawberry jam for blood to make it seem like the “band aid” had been used.

note: Strawberry jams are more like maroon in color so I mixed a few drops of pink food color with the strawberry jam for it to look a little more red.

The kids aren’t even grossed out and they totally loved the idea…

..and they are looking forward for more!


  1. Prue Czinder/Rychel says

    Me and my friends are throwing a halloween party and as soon as we saw those we knew we needed to make them!! Thanks for the idea!! <3


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