Best Chicken Recipes For Children

Children can be fussy eaters but that does not mean they should not be given the chance to enjoy freshly cooked, healthy food and experiment with different flavours and tastes.

Chicken is an ideal ingredient for meals for youngsters as it is easy to buy and cook, relatively inexpensive and does not have a strong flavour that could be too much for little taste buds. Most children will be used to eating chicken from a young age so parents should not find it too difficult to introduce extra flavours and tastes with chicken dishes to help them expand their palettes and discover new favourite dishes.

Many chicken recipes do not require a lot of preparation or hard-to-source ingredients, so this also means they are perfect for busy families.

Below is the recipe and method for a quick Italian Chicken Casserole that is great for families, and takes just 25 minutes to prepare and make.

You will need a chicken breast fillet per person, olive oil, diced tomatoes, garlic, chicken stock, tagliatelle, salt and black pepper. Start by brushing the chicken with olive oil then place in a casserole pan. Pour in the tomatoes, add garlic and stock then sprinkle with dried basil and season with pepper.

Place this on the hob and heat until boiling, then turn down to a bubble, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Cook the tagliatelle or other pasta in salted water and drain. Season with olive oil and pepper once done and serve straight on to the plate, with the chicken and sauce on top.

The well-known flavours of tomato and chicken make this great for children who are just starting to taste new foods by introducing stronger tastes of garlic and pepper very subtly.

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    1. I have to agree with this…nothing beats good old fried chicken!

  1. hmmmmm I’ll give this one a try, here, we usually make chicken strips and chicken nuggets.. but the best chicken recipe for them is Chicken Curry and Buffalo wings

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