Eat & Go at SM Megamall

Eat & Go Restaurant at SM Megamall |

Eat & Go Restaurant at SM Megamall |

One upon a time, we were too hungry to think about where to eat and we ended up at Eat & Go at the 3rd floor of The Atrium at SM Megamall. This restaurant was beside restaurants like Amici, Yabu, and C2 so we thought it was also as good..besides it’s a restaurant we’ve never tried before.

As we walk in, I notice the sossy carinderia-style look of the place. It was giving some sort of a vibe that it’s a fast food but serves quality good food and one that is self-service. I was surprised when a staff met us and led us to a table.

She recommended their “Exclusive Meals” for one to three people where diners can choose any one, two or three entrees that will be served with either salad or pasta plus soup and bottomless iced tea or lemonade.

I kind of buried this post waaayyyy back my files because I was really disappointed in what we ate here.They said that if you can’t say something nice about a product the don’t say anything at all but this place has potential and it just wouldn’t be good to see it fade away.

Eat & Go Restaurant at SM Megamall |

This was their version of Seafood Salad — a few cut pieces of kani, shrimp, lettuce, carrots and cucumber slices.

Eat & Go Restaurant at SM Megamall |

Ykaie ordered Spaghetti Carbonara. It’s just the usual, plain white sauce that accompanies the spaghetti noodles.

Eat & Go Restaurant at SM Megamall |

Here she is pretending to eat a slice of cucumber…

Eat & Go Restaurant at SM Megamall |

I chose Steak Salpicao, Spaghetti Marinara, and Corn and carrots. Their version of Steak Salpicao was quite alright but their Marinara taste like it came from a bottle.

Eat & Go Restaurant at SM Megamall |

Sis ordered Spahetti with White Sauce, Parmesan-Crusted Salmon, and beans. Big mistake because aside from the beans tasting like beans from the can, the sauce of the pasta and the one on top of her fish is the same! halfway through the meal and she was tired from all those cream.

I hope they improve their food because they already have good service at this restaurant and their location is really one of the best locations in SM Megamall.

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13 Responses

  1. I love seeing pictures of your girls! I hate it when I love the atmosphere of a place, but not the food. You want to go back in the kitchen and say “Get a new chef!”

    1. Baka nung kumain kayo eh masarap ang food. Will give this place a second chance, pehpot.

    2. hahaha napa comment na lang ako basta no.. eh kase naman, the day na kumain kame jan, si Sati nung gabi nag aaya ulit.. nagusutuhan nya yata ung dessert haha

      ako sakto lang ung chicken something nila.. pero ung beef nila, ang bland ng lasa 🙁

  2. One look at the texture of their sauce, you can really say that it may come from the can. Too bad, they might have a good idea with the food and the place looks nice. I hope they improve though or realize that they have to.

  3. Drooling at the spaghetti carbonara! I hope they will improve their service, though. Yes, I think it’s wise to give this place a second chance.. maybe they can improve the next time you’re around!

  4. I think I have seen this place too but never had the chance to try it out…but thanks for this review! Di ko na i ta try hehehe.

  5. Those garlic and tomato display are pretty, it sad that the food isn’t the way you expected.

  6. You guys always knows the best places to chow down. And that little girl of yours is Adorb! 🙂 Looks like good eating.

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