Brownies Unlimited New Flavors

Brownies Unlimited New Flavors |

Brownies Unlimited New Flavors |

Our mall time won’t be complete without dropping by a Brownies Unlimited branch and buying one or two pieces of brownies and eating them while we walk along the mall corridor. We would sometimes purchase a box of brownies to take home but lately our current obsession is their Brownie Chips….. which is so so good with coffee!

Yesterday, friends from Brownies Unlimited sent over a box of their twelve new flavors that are bolder and better, inside a revamped packaging that is very eye-catching. They also sent over several packages of Brownie Chips.

My daughter and I both loved brownies specially if they are moist and soft. She leans towards classic flavors but I choose those that are contemporary and unique. These Brownies Unlimited new flavors are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth out there because it includes both new flavors and classics with a twist.

Brownies Unlimited New Flavors |

Brownies Unlimited New Flavors

Check out what the new flavors are:

Rocky Road

Packed with a whole lot of crunch, this brownie comes topped with toasted Cashew Nuts and fluffy marshmallows for contrast, all drizzled in sumptuous chocolate sauce.


Here’s one that does chocolate on chocolate to a T, combining the sugary notes of rich milk chocolate with a dash of creamy white chocolate to finish.


Coffee-flavored frosting sitting atop a fluffy chocolate brownie base make this a sure choice for daily quick pick-me-ups.

Potato Strings

Here’s a twist that can’t be missed, savory chocolate covered shoestring potatoes combines the best of both worlds.


Though two words short of a full pack, there’s no mistaking where this dessert’s at, as generous helpings of marshmallow fluff and dark chocolate top this new take on the quintessential Mud Pie.

Black & White

A great play on opposites, white chocolate chips and milk chocolate frosting come together to produce and incredible taste sensation.

Choc ‘O Chips

There’s no thinking twice with this bittersweet surprise topped with dark chocolate chips and frosting.

Walnut Swirl

Crisp whole walnuts top delicious swirl frosting for a match that teases the tastebuds.

Choc ‘O Malt

Jumping off another inspired pairing, this one takes the cake with a single malt ball topping a decadent chocolate brownie.

Coffee Crunch

Another take the popular coffee and chocolate pairing, this brownie steps it up further with lovely chocolate-covered coffee crunch on cappuccino buttercream, topped by a lavish serving of caramel sauce.


A delightful take on a favorite campfire treat mixes burnt marshmallows with mouthfuls of Graham cracker and cashew nuts topped by more than a little caramel drizzle.

Red Velvet

Sinful and delightful red velvet brownies with heaps of cream cheese frosting serve up the daily indulgence.

Brownies Unlimited New Flavors |

Customers can purchase the latest variants at all Brownies Unlimited branches, in packs of 4, 6, 8, and 10 pieces for friends, family, and loved ones.

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  1. I am tempted to try these Brownie Chips. We’ll be strolling at the mall later, so yes, I will buy a pack. Lol!

  2. those sure looks delish, but sweet treats are some of the things am giving up this year so that i might be able to lose a few pounds. oh well, a bite or two is okay i guess! 🙂

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