Cups & Cones (Malabon Food Tour Part 2)

Cups & Cones Fish Salad

One of our stops during the Malabon Food Tour was Cups & Cones.

It’s a  quaint café serving not only coffees and cakes, but also pastas, sandwiches, and salads as well. They have American-style interiors and it’s very homey. The seats on the couch table is soft and firm, very comfortable….

….And they have wifi, LOL! (I think everyone nowadays is looking for wifi)

Let me share with you what I was able to try during the food tour..

Cups & Cones (Malabon Food Tour Part 2)

I love a good salad and you won’t normally find restaurants serving salads here in Malabon area so this Fish Salad is really something you’d want to have if you’re a salad-lover.

You’d find a well-seasoned, pan-fried fish fillet served on top of greens mixed with tomatoes, mushroom and cheese and then drizzled with a Lemon-Parsley dressing (which is also house-made) that tastes so so fantastic!

In fact I love this salad so much that I found myself ordering the same thing three days after the food tour with my sis, Ykaie, and two nieces. Yup, we came back right after the food tour! It was that good!

Cups & Cones (Malabon Food Tour Part 2)

They also served us Tuna Carbonara, a lighter version of the well-known creamy pasta.

Cups & Cones (Malabon Food Tour Part 2)

C & C Clubhouse Sandwich — this I wasn’t able to try because the Fish Salad got all my attention..LOL!

Cups & Cones (Malabon Food Tour Part 2)

Those who are looking for rice meals need not worry because they also serve Grilled Pork Belly plate composed of a serving or rice, a big slab of grilled pork belly and two dipping sauces: barbecue sauce and vinegar.

Cups & Cones (Malabon Food Tour Part 2)

For snack or appetizers or if you’re in a tambay mode with friends, I think you’ll like this basket of crunchy Nachos. It’s a light pica-pica food you can share and pass around.

Cups & Cones (Malabon Food Tour Part 2)

Cups & Cones serves big slices of cakes, as you can see in this photo of Smore’s Cake and Blueberry Cheesecake. This would go well with a cup of coffee!

Cups & Cones (Malabon Food Tour Part 2)

They also serve different flavors of crepe. I was able to try the Mango Crepe which they served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Look at how big their serving of Halo-Halo is. I didn’t have this, though. I downed my food with a glass of cold water but let me share with you some of the drinks they serve.

Italian Soda, Kiwi and Raspberry Frappe

I think they serve the Italian Soda in three different flavors and they have more flavor choices for the frappe as well.

Hot Chocolate and Tiramisu Coffee

I promise I’ll try their coffee the next time I drop by…

Here’s another photo of Ykaie, Cyra, and Cyvrine enjoying a slice of Chocolate Cake and juices….

I think Cups & Cones will be one of our regular stops here in Malabon.

Cups & Cones is located at 247 General Luna Street, Conception, 1409 Malabon City.

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21 Responses

  1. At first I was thinking “a green salad with fish”? But then I realized that one of my favorite salads is a green salad with seared tuna. I haven’t had it in ages. Your salad reminds me of how good a fish salad can be. Now for dessert – they all look scrumptious. The Halo-Halo is very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That’s very rare for a coffee shop to serve delicious food like this, I mean they do have some pastries but not pastas. Looks good though.

  3. I tried different ways to make salads by way of selecting ingredients and the base. Moreover, the simplest the better. This place looks good and the food too.

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