Johnson’s Baby Builds a Playground at Sagkahan Elementary School, Tacloban

Johnson’s Baby Builds a Playground at Sagkahan Elementary School, Tacloban

Johnson’s Baby Builds a Playground at Sagkahan Elementary School, Tacloban

We already know that there is more to play than just having fun. Play is one of the many factors that molds a child into what he or she is, going to be when she grows up. It teaches balance, strategy, analogy, concentration, coordination, and teamwork. And because of this,  I’ve always been inspired by Johnson & Johnson Philippines as they are actively promoting the power of play in helping our children’s development. Their campaign “Hindi Lang Laro ang Laro” is what I think about every time I see my own daughter play with her cousins or the neighbor.

Johnson’s Baby Builds a Playground at Sagkahan Elementary School, Tacloban

So when I was invited by Johnsons Baby to fly out to Tacloban, Leyte and witness the turnover of the playground  in Sagkahan Elementary School last June 6, 2014, I didn’t hesitate.

As an advocate of active play, Johnson & Johnson Philippines’s Di Lang Laro Ang Laro (promoting 1 hour of active play everyday for the holistic development of kids) brought its program to Tacloban and took a proactive stance in helping school-aged kids overcome trauma through the promotion of active play. The Johnson’s Baby team, in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) and Play Pilipinas, continues its advocacy on active play, this time by constructing the first ever children’s school playground in Sagkahan Elementary School in Tacloban, Leyte to welcome the new school year.

Johnson’s Baby Builds a Playground at Sagkahan Elementary School, Tacloban

When we arrived, the Grade 1 Students and some of their parents are already waiting for the turnover ceremony.

According to Ms. Nice Galura, the principal of Sagkahan Elementary School, the first day of this school year has a 100% attendance compared to the previous years which only has 80%. She said that this is because the children are already excited to play in the playground.

Johnson’s Baby Builds a Playground at Sagkahan Elementary School, Tacloban

I had a chance to go around the school and check out the classrooms and building that was built for the students…

Children having classes
Johnson’s Baby senior brand manager Kris Llanes

At first I thought, they were transferring the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground there but according to Ms. Kris Llanes, Johnson Baby Senior Brand Manager, the Shadow Playground is not right for the school because of the direction of the wind and the soil.

Ms. Sigrid Perez of Play Pilipinas

Ms. Sigrid Perez, Executive Director of Play Pilipinas, designed the playground. It was made with old tires, wood, and materials that are sustainable and readily available so it would be easy to fix once it gets broken.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Which officially opened the playground to the children. It was done by DepEd regional director Dr. Luisa S. Yu, Dr. Irene Go, of the Tacloban education division, Ms, Kris Llanes, and Ms. Sigrid Perez
Johnson & Johnson employees each donated toys to be given to the children. It was set up on the Tree House at the playground.


The children eagerly lined up for their toys after the ribbon cutting


This is the slide before it was opened to the children….

…and this is the slide after!

Look at the smiles in the children’s faces!

Playing with water
He was smiling when I saw him playing but when I approached and asked him to smile for the camera, he got shy…


It was a hot morning when we were there but everyone didn’t mind the heat. There were lots of running around, laughter, smiles, and of course, playing!

The smiles I saw from the students of Sagkahan Elementary School is the kind of smile I want to see on Ykaie’s face that’s why I make sure that she gets at least one hour of active play everyday. Usually, she plays with her cousins or our neighbors, but I make sure I also get a chance to play with her. I’ve learned that it’s very important that for me, as a mommy, to spend solo time with my daughter to show her how much I love her.

I’ve attended many Johnsons event in the past and each event made me realize the importance of Active Play in our children’s holistic development. The turnover of the playground also made me realize that Active play does not only mold a child, Active Play also heals a child.

Let me share with you this video so you mommies can see what I saw and experience what I experienced there at Sagkahan Elementary School in Tacloban.

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31 Responses

  1. Awww this is an amazing project! I know that the devastation in some parts of Tacloban can still be felt after last year’s typhoon disaster, and it’s just so nice that these kids in the area have been given a great reason to smile by Johnson’s Baby.

  2. As always, Johnson’s promotional strategy still exists even at this Elementary School. There’s a lot of elementary schools all throughout the Philippines who needs help, not only Sagkahan. At least, Johnson have the power to extend help for these kids.

  3. What a great project. The kids would really love the playground that Johnson & Johnson donated. BTW. It’s touching that the J&J employees have their share too by donating toys.

  4. What a nice trip to take! And who would have thought about wind, soil, etc. It’s amazing how many things go into planning just about anything, isn’t it! Big Kudos to Johnson’s for their role in this project!

  5. Wow, we take everything for granted here. I was expecting so see the regular play grounds in the pictures, rather than tire swings. It is such a great thing that this children are eager to attend school now and that they have a place to socialize. Great post. Reminds me there is still good in the world and while my kids are crying over a tablet app that keeps freezing theres kids like this that dont even get the technology we are spoiled with.

  6. I’ve attended an event by Play Pilipinas before and I really love their advocacy. It’s so great that J&J decided to partner with them for this project. Hope they build more playgrounds in Tacloban and the rest of the country too. 🙂

  7. Nice project! I like their tagline Hindi Lang Laro ang Laro. It truly helps a lot of children especially in situations like what the children in Tacloban experienced.

  8. What a very good advocacy from Johnsons and Johnsons. i hope more big companies like them will go beyond the profit side of their businesses and really give back to the country through projects like these. I’m sure that this will be extra beneficial to the students of Sagkahan because of what has recently happened to Tacloban. Good job J & J!

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