DIY Invitation Cards with Canon SELPHY CP910

DIY Invitation Cards with Canon SELPHY CP910

DIY Invitation Cards with Canon SELPHY CP910

You know how much we love hosting these little tea parties for my daughter and my nieces, right? The tea parties were designed for play only but we do a complete set-up. From the mini-table, ambience, finger foods, and make-believe tea. Of course, a tea party won’t be complete without invitations!

What better way to “test drive” this demo unit of the Canon SELPHY CP910 that to make Tea Party Invitations!

But first things first — the unboxing.

DIY Invitation Cards with Canon SELPHY CP910

The box that was sent to me contains:

  • The SELPHY Printer
  • Compact Power Adapter CA- CP200B
  • Power Cord
  • Paper Cassette PCP-CP400
  • SELPHY CP910 Solution Disc
  • Ink Cartridge
  • Photo papers

The Canon SELPHY CP910 is a compact printer that is very easy to operate.

DIY Invitation Cards with Canon SELPHY CP910

Just put the the photo papers right in the paper cassette glossy side up and link it to the front part of the SELPHY printer.

DIY Invitation Cards with Canon SELPHY CP910

Then load the ink cartridge at the right side of the SELPHY printer. Plug in the power cord, turn it on and your good to go.

DIY Invitation Cards with Canon SELPHY CP910

It has a large tilting LCD for easy operation and convenient viewing. If you press the menu, it will prompt you to set it up into Wi-Fi printing. I used peanutbutter‘s iPhone in taking photos because he has a pic collage app where in I can make the lay-out for my invitation. I put the iPhone beside the printer so you can gauge how compact Canon Selphy is.

It’s lightweight too making it portable and allowing you to print anywhere as long as there’s Wi-Fi. I didn’t even need to download anything and the iPhone connected with the printer quickly. I just chose the printer from the selection in the phone then press print.

It prints out by layering the colors and it was indicated in the LCD screen. First it was yellow, then magenta, then blue.

Voila! Tea Party Invitations made quickly and easily using a mobile phone and the Canon SELPHY CP910.

Unlike printing in the usual large photo paper, there is no need to cut it anymore because it is the perfect size for an invite. The result is clear, durable and with vibrant, lively colors!

You can pretty much print anything from your mobile phone easily using the Canon SELPHY printer — selfies, family pictures, collages, personalized cards (Valentine’s  Card, Graduation Card, Thank you Card) — anything!

What I LOVE about CANON SELPHY CP910: (What’s not to love, really?)

  • It’s lightweight, compact and portable.
  • You can print with using any smartphone or camera.
  • You can print as long as there’s Wi-Fi (which means you can print literally anywhere!)
  • It connects easily to any device.
  • It produces durable, clear, and vibrant photos.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It can print direct from memory cards and USB stick
  • It’s everything I dreamed of in a printer.

Oh how I wish this Canon SELPHY is mine.

Anyway, I guess now I have to prepare a tea party for  six on January 30…

The Canon SELPHY printer is available in black and white with a retail price of ₱8,998.00. You can check out the Canon Website for more details.

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75 Responses

  1. What a great little printer that is. I love how the cards came out – they look so professional.

  2. What a cool printer! And those invites are adorable 🙂 You’ve totally inspired me to start doing these for my nieces and daughter, I think they’d love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Man, canon is such a brand I trust. I love whatever they come out with.

    I really need to see if my oldschool canon photo printer (from 2003, not even joking) still works. I miss having real photographs framed around the house. I just with the new ones out now (like you have) made larger photos. I think mine is around that size too.

  4. These turned out really nice. I imagine that the little printer uses quite a bit of ink though. That printer is cute and looks like it would be handy for on the go type things.

  5. I’ve always wanted to try this printer, but I had no idea you could make invitations on it!! I really need to get this for my photos!!

  6. That’s cool! How I wish someone will give that to me as a gift. Feeling wishful lang! 🙂

    Commenting here for my second round sis, instead of the URL you posted. 🙂 Have a Nice Day!

  7. I think this is a great printer to carry for birthday parties and other events so that pictures can easily be distributed as souvenirs to guests. Should the ink be original (Canon brand) or replacement ink can be accepted by the printer?

  8. It’s nice to see that there are compact printers now to make printing cards easier. I usually used my old printer when I was studying for printing services.

  9. I’ve never seen this before until now. I really want one of these. It looks pretty cool.

  10. I use the CP800 for our photobooth but I really wanna have this because of the Wi-FI functionality. Is the driver already Windows 8 compatible?

  11. I’ve got to have this printer soon. It’s compact and the print is good. By the way, I love the vintage look of your card.

  12. I love how compact it is! I have toyed with the idea of getting a Canon printer, considering I haven’t had much success with HP printers.

  13. Oh my word! I want a printer like that! I am pretty sure this can be carried anywhere. Amazing gadget. I also like the quality of the prints.. We have Canon at home and we are very happy with it so far!

  14. Isn’t that too much to use selphy printer to do an invitation card? I used selphy on my photobooth business because of its lightweight and fast printing capability but for an invitation card? I better use an ordinary printer. The cartridge and the photo film for selphy are a little bit pricey ($36.00).

    1. I think it depends on one’s priority really. I don’t have anything to use it for but invitation cards (and family pictures) because we love tea parties. We even spend for props and the tea party trinkets plus the costume of the kids, so why not the invitation cards, right?

  15. I really want to buy the canon selphy but I’m hesitant since I really prefer storing pictures digitally but it’s still cool to print some photos – especially the good ones. How much is the ink and where do you buy it? When I inquired about this item, the sales person said that I have to buy the ink separately since it’s not yet included in the box.

  16. cool gadget..I remember before when we still had our printing press, we normally had a lot of jobs like invitations,etc. But later on people started to make their own invitations, cal cards, etc. we are still in the printing business though…just created different offerings.:)

  17. Oh my gosh, I want this. I have tons of pics that I wanna print. This one’s so handy and easy-to-use too! Does it connect to digicams with WiFi capabilities too?

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