Meeting Pedro N’ Coi for Dinner

After a couple of hours from our merienda at Cold Layers, we headed for an early dinner at Pedro N’ Coi. Pedro N’ Coi is a Filipino restaurant located at the 3rd level of Fishermall and owned by 2011 Miss Universe third runner-up Shamcey Supsup and her husband, model/businessman Lloyd Lee.

Sis loves following celebrities and this dinner was actually her treat because she wanted to try what kind of food Pedro N’ Coi offers. As for me, I’m really curious why this resto is called as such.

The staff greeted us warmly and led us to a seat in the middle. We wanted to sit inside the makeshift jeepney but we didn’t think Twinkle’s stroller would fit in. The menu came on a clipboard and it comes with a pencil and an order form wherein you have to check the food you want to order.

It was fun reading the menu. The food had quirky, playful name like Binagoongan Revilla ( Binagoongan Baboy), Inasal Raymundo (Chicken Inasal), Adobodoobodoo (Pork & Chicken Adobo), and Chukchak Chicken (Fried Spring Chicken).

Yes, you might find the food here to be very familiar because these are the food we find at home… the food we grew up eating. Pedro N’ Coi gave these food a fresh new twist.

While waiting for our orders to arrive, we were given a small bowl of garlic peanuts which Ykaie finished in no time.

I love the ambience at Pedro N’ Coi. Feeling ko, tambay lang kami sa kanto in the 1980s because of the jeepney, sari-sari store, veterinary clinic, capiz windows, kiping, poste with the phone number of tubero, and Enteng Butingting’s repair shop. We felt right at home.

peanutbutter (who also goes by the name of DaddyDoodleDoo these days), ordered coffee. It came in a clear cup which reminded me of my lola’s coffee cup.

Guess what our orders are…

Skwid Ward (₱250) is fried squid with crispy Kangkong. It was served with a small lemon wedge and vinegar dip on the side. The squid was crispy and well-seasoned. I was expecting the usual crispy kangkong to be served with the squid but their version has crispy kangkong stalks insted of leaves.

Joey De Lechon (₱380) is their version of Lechon Kawali. I love their Lechon Kawali and it’s totally worth its price. It’s crispy, tender, and it came with five condiments: bagoong, vinegar, garlic oil, pickled cucumber, and tinapa mousse.

Pik-Pak-Bet (₱230), Pinakbet! is presented well and presented differently. The vegetables were layered and the bottom part is the squash cooked in coconut milk, followed by the other pinakbet veggies, then topped with crispy prawns and (I’m guessing) shallots.

Isang Kawaling Kanin ( ₱145) is their rice for sharing. It was served in a small pan but it was a lot and we weren’t able to finish it. Leftover rice were taken out, which the staff was very glad to wrap. I’m sure they were wondering why we had it wrapped, the rice was our only leftover…LOL! Well, we needed rice for Jay R (our dog) and of course, it’s not practical to cook rice just for him when we get home.

Our drink for the night: Sago. I forgot if it has gulaman. I also forgot to take note of the price. Haaay, the mind of a mommy has 345,697 tabs open at any given time. Forgive me. I’ll be cloning myself five times next week.

Can you tell we’re enjoying ourselves?

peanutbutter and me

Ykaie and her two pieces of Joey de Lechon

Our little Twinkle in her stroller.

Cubao! Cubao! dalawa na lang lalakad na!

We were one of the last diners at the restaurant that day and I guess it’s also the reason why the food that was served wasn’t hot anymore. We enjoyed every minute of dinner at Pedro N’ Coi, though. Each dish we ordered was a surprise even though we were already familiar with it. Each was delicious and worth coming back to. I hope to dine at a different time and try the other dishes.

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36 Responses

  1. Something new to try. My mom mentioned this to me as she saw this daw featured at Kris TV. She forgot to mention, though, the jeep and the ambiance.

  2. I looove the names! I want to try that restaurant ASAP — it’s really my kind of resto and HOHOL (hang-out hang-out lang haha) place.

  3. I love the atmosphere of the place! It looks like a lot of fun with so much to look at while you are waiting for the food!

  4. Wow! I love the setup, it definitely makes you feel at home. That jeep is so adorable! The food looks really good, I’m glad you enjoyed your dining experience here!

  5. I would love to experience dining in this resto too! Hope they can have a branch near me pretty soon!

  6. What a fun place to go with the whole family, you and your family was look had an awesome day

  7. The lens of your camera is so cool! Looks you have a great time in that fun place.

  8. omg pork! i badly need one its been 4months since i haven’t eaten any pork in dubai. this will make me crave so bad haha those names are very nice to read too!

  9. Love the witty names, but LOL on Joey de Lechon!!! Naghahanap pa naman ang system ko ng Lechon kawali lately. Very interesting resto review. Masarap kahit hindi mainit. Normally I would have been disturbed by not being served hot, but you’re the expert when it comes to food, so it must really be good.

  10. The names are super witty, I LOVE IT! <3 And I like the ambiance too! I'm a sucker for places that looks "cool". It's a bit far from where I love, but I'd definitely visit this one of these days 🙂

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