Ka Tunying’s Cafe

Ka Tunying's Cafe

I first heard about Ka Tunying’s Cafe from the news when it was riddled with bullets  one morning by people unknown to the owners. The cafe was owned by ABS-CBN news anchor Anthony Taberna. Naturally, it piqued our curiosity as to why people would want to do that to Ka Tunying, after all, he seemed like a pretty decent person.

The foodie in me was more curious about what their bakeshop-slash-resto offers. So after going to the launching of the Angry Whopper from Burger King Tiendesitas, peanutbutter and I decided to drop by Ka Tunying’s Cafe.

Ka Tunying's Cafe

The restaurant was on a soft opening that day  but there were already a lot of people dining in and buying bread. What I love about their breads is that it’s just like those from fancy bakeries in the metro but it’s pretty affordable.

Ka Tunying's Cafe

A pack of Raisin Bonnet for ₱45 and Spanish bread for ₱75. They even have these bread with pork floss!

Ka Tunying's Cafe

We bought  soya bread, pizza bread, and a brownie to bring home to sis and Ykaie.

Ka Tunying's Cafe

And shared a glass of Tunying’s Iced Coffee (₱95) and  a slice of Banana bread (₱35).

Ka Tunying's Cafe

The ice cubes they used for the iced coffee is also made of coffee, so the drink doesn’t get diluted. The banana bread was soft and tasty. We had a perfect pair right there!

peanutbutter loves banana bread and told me immediately right after we left the parking lot that we should’ve bought some for take out.

There are still lots I wish to try out from their menu, specially when I saw the food presentation when it was featured on Kris TV — yeah, I watch Kris TV when I lull Twinkle to sleep in the morning.

There’s the Mochabayan Frappe, Ensaymada Smoothie, Pastillas de Latte, and Tsoknat Frappe. I also want to try their Arroz Ala Tunying, Pandesal Platter, Longsilog( Batutay, Recado, and Hamonado), Creamy Baked Bangus, and Chix- Pork Adobo.

Ka Tunying’s Cafe is located at 88 Visayas Ave. Brgy Vasra, Quezon City.

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4 Responses

  1. I have learned about Ka Tunying’s Cafe after watching its feature on Kris TV. The bread looks yummy and presentable. I like that prices are affordable in this cafe. 🙂

  2. Not into sweets but it looks like Ka Tunying’s Cafe is a must visit coffee shop. Many would surely check out and love this place.

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