#SipSomeSunshine with CBTL’s Sweet Teas + FREE Sweet Tea for Swirl Card Holders on April 3

#SipSomeSunshine with CBTL's Sweet Teas
Pasion Fruit Iced Sweet Tea (R- ₱135 |L-₱155)

Whenever I’m at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and I need some refreshments ’cause it’s blazing hot outside, I always go for The Ultimate Mocha. That’s my favorite because it really gives me the jolt and wake me up.

Now, that I’m leaning towards lighter fare and refreshments, I’m so glad that they’re finally launching a new line of tea-based beverages called  the Iced Sweet Teas and Sweet Tea Ice Blended drinks, featuring The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s freshly brewed teas, starting on April 4, 2016.

The Iced Sweet Teas and the Sweet Tea Ice Blended® drinks are a refreshing blend of premium iced teas with infusions of delicious fruit flavors.

#SipSomeSunshine with CBTL's Sweet Teas
Red Orange Iced Sweet Tea (R- ₱135 |L-₱155)

The Iced Sweet Teas are available in Passion Fruit, Red Orange, and Swedish Berries flavors. The Passion Fruit and Red Orange Iced Sweet Tea flavors combine the robust Assam black tea with the citrus and tart flavors of passion fruit and blood orange, perfect for those who like to mix sweet flavors with a bit of zest.

#SipSomeSunshine with CBTL's Sweet Teas
Swedish Berries Iced Sweet Tea (R – ₱135) pairs well with Ham & Cheese Pandesal and Greek Salad

For those who are looking for caffeine-free refreshments, then the Swedish Berries Iced Sweet Tea is for you. It’s a fruity blend of hibiscus flowers, elderberries, and sweet black currants. AND it pairs really well with Ham and Cheese Pandesal and Greek Salad.

If you want your Sweet Iced Teas a little sweeter, you can squeeze in some honey sticks…….

#SipSomeSunshine with CBTL's Sweet Teas
LEFT: Passion Fruit Tea Ice Blended (R – ₱155|L-₱175) with Roast Beef Sandwich and Caesar Salad. RIGHT: Red Orange Tea Ice Blended (R – ₱155|L-₱175) with Chef’s Tuna Sandwich and Chilled Spicy Chicken Pasta Salad

For those who are eager to beat the heat with a slush treat, have the Sweet Tea Ice Blended drinks. Those are available in Passion Fruit, Red Orange, and Pear Berry flavors. Pear Berry Sweet Tea Ice Blended drink is a  delightful, caffeine-free Swedish berries fruit infusion that highlights delicious pear and berry notes.

I love that CBTL’s Sweet Teas are also paired with lighter treats! I love the salads and sandwiches at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Check out what we had for pairing with CBTL’s Sweet Teas…

Coffee Bean’s Classic Caesar Salad

Greek Salad

Chilled Spicy Chicken Salad (my favorite!)

Roast Beef Sandwich

Chef’s Tuna Sandwich

Chika galore with Kumareng Badet

Maximize your Summer and #SipSunshineInAGlass while making chika with your Kumare.. just like what I’m doing in the photo above.

GOOD NEWS TO SWIRL CARD HOLDERS, you can get an exclusive preview and first taste of the new Iced Sweet Teas and Sweet Tea Ice Blended® drinks at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Open House on April 3, 2016.

To know more about these new drinks, visit www.coffeebean.com.ph,

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32 Responses

  1. It’s super duper hot these days that I could really use a cup of that refreshing tea! 🙂 Plus those sandwiches! The heat’s making me hungry too. Haha!

  2. On my way to work before, I always drop by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and have my usual take out of ginger tea and banana loaf. Now, reading and looking at your pictures, I would want to go to the nearest Coffee Bean branch and buy any of those pastas and tea with the honey.

    Missing my work and workstation. Missing my usual ginger tea and banana loaf.

  3. We’ve been to CBTL yesterday I should have tried their sweet teas, too bad i only got to read your post just now.. anyway on my next visit will try the passion fruit sweet tea!

  4. Wow that sweet tea looks incredibly delicious. I always prefer coffee when I visit CBTL. Maybe I will try their sweet tea on my next visit.

  5. I love going to CBTL’s Open Houses. To be honest, I prefer Coffee Bean more than Starbucks. I hope they’ll have a drive thru as well 🙂

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