New Teriyaki Meatballs Donburi from Tokyo Tokyo

Teriyaki Meatballs Donburi from Tokyo Tokyo

When it’s cold, wet, and raining…all I can think about is snuggling, movie-all-day, lying around, playing with the kids, and of course, food tripping with larger than life donburi bowls from Tokyo Tokyo! I love Tokyo Tokyo’s Premium Donburi line because of the hefty serving and the tasty variants!

There’s actually a new bowl on the block called Teriyaki Meatballs Donburi (₱145).

Teriyaki Meatballs Donburi from Tokyo Tokyo

Four pieces of  juicy, tender, and savoury tsukune meatballs are drizzled with Japanese sauce and mayo then crowned with onion leeks. It is made more complete with vegetable misono and half an egg all topped on a bowl of steaming white rice.

Sinking your teeth on these flavorful meatballs is exactly what you need on a gloomy day to brighten it up.

Beef Pepper and Tempura Donburi

If your day needs more sunshine, then you should also try the Beef Pepper Donburi and Tempura Donburi.

Beef Pepper and Tempura Donburi

Tender beef slices are cooked in a generous amount of pepper sauce then served with Japanese sweet corn crowned with onion leeks all on top of hot steaming rice. How you get the best of the Beef Pepper Donburi? Mix them together of course! So you’ll get those savory beef, pepper sauce, sweet corn, and hot rice in one spoonful.

Tempura Donburi is for Ykaie a.k.a. the tempura princess in our family. It’s two pieces of prawns, onion rings, and potato slices all on top of hot steaming rice then drizzled with a salty sweet umami sauce!

Writing this post got my tummy grumbling. I will definitely head out to Tokyo Tokyo as soon as possible and get me some of these Premium Donburis!

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36 Responses

  1. Husband and I loves Tokyo Tokyo! It’s our go-to place whenever we wanted to eat some good Japanese food that’s affordable. Anyway, those food looks so yum! Will definitely try them next time we dine at Tokyo Tokyo again! 😉

  2. tokyo tokyo is my favorite. i like their bento meals. but with these new dishes, a trip to tokyo tokyo is now on my to do list for the week!

  3. I love their Ramen. I haven’t try yung Donburi sa Tokyo Tokyo pero to try this sa payday. .hehehe!
    BTW I’m a fan Ms.Peachy kahit lagi ako nagugutom sa mga post mo.

  4. Tokyo Tokyo is one of our family’s favorite diners when we want to eat quick but hearty. The boys so love their tempura and chicken. I find the photos so beautiful. When we eat at tokyo tokyo, we do not even bother take aome photos. Ihihi

  5. Wow I also love Tokyo tokyo’s foods. It’s been a long time na di kami nakapag dine . all the food posted above are so yummy specially the beef pepper.

  6. Would you believe I’ve never eaten at Tokyo Tokyo before? I visit local Japanese places lang. But now I want to try those bowls!

  7. I love Tokyo Tokyo for quick Japanese meal cravings. Thiugh it has been a while since I have last eaten here. Will check out the new menus… looks yummy based on your pictures

  8. Tokyo Tokyo bento meals are my go to order because of the unlimited rice haha! But their Beef Pepper Donburi looked delis, perfect for the rainy weather were having right now.

  9. I loved Tokyo Tokyo’s beef misono bento way back. I haven’t been to any of their branches for a while now because I felt that the quality of food has dwindled and has become quite overpriced. Though this one looks good. I might try it some time. 🙂

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