Ykaie’s 9th Jollibee Fun-Tastic Factory Birthday Party

Ykaie's 9th Jollibee Fun-Tastic Factory Birthday Party

Kids has always been the happiest when told that they’re going to Jollibee. I can attest to that because I have two children who adores this bee with chubby cheeks and I’ve taken care of a lot of nieces and nephews whose faces light up at the mere mention of the word Jollibee.

For a kid, nothing can be cooler and happier than by celebrating a birthday at Jollibee. And last saturday, for Ykaie’s 9th Birthday, we thought she would be the happiest kid on earth if we celebrated her birthday with a Jollibee Fun-Tastic Factory Birthday Party.

Ykaie's 9th Jollibee Fun-Tastic Factory Birthday Party

It was held at Jollibee 10th ave — our go-to Jollibee branch since it’s the nearest one to home.

Ykaie's 9th Jollibee Fun-Tastic Factory Birthday Party
Jollibee Lootbags and Game Prizes

Ykaie's 9th Jollibee Fun-Tastic Factory Birthday Party

Ykaaie invited her cousins, classmates, friends, playmates, neighbors to her birthday party and they all came. Look at that smile on her face.

Ykaie's 9th Jollibee Fun-Tastic Factory Birthday Party

It’s nice that they now allot a center table for the kids because the party is really for them.

Ykaie's 9th Jollibee Fun-Tastic Factory Birthday Party

Parlor Games

Ykaie's 9th Jollibee Fun-Tastic Factory Birthday Party

No party is ever complete without party games…. the Jollibee hosts made sure of that it really is a Jollibee Fun-Tastic Factory Birthday Party by having new and fun parlor games for everyone.

Ykaie's 9th Jollibee Fun-Tastic Factory Birthday Party

There’s even one game for us adults…

Kainan Na!

We had Spaghetti and ChickenJoy, fries, and Chocolate Sundae for everyone!

Thank you for Coming

Ykaie’s classmates: Sam and Jennivere

Ate Cyra, Ykaie, and Gwen

Nongnang Rome, Gab-Gab, and ate Irene

Twinkle and Jaeden

Jof, Candy, Yashz, and the Niez Fam

Thank You Jollibee!

Great Job in hosting Ate Carmina, Kuya Ronn  and Kuya Jayvee! Thumbs up for keeping the party fun and alive!


Happy Birthday ate Ykaie ♥♥♥… from Twinkle and mommy.

What do I love in celebrating a party at Jollibee? EVERYTHING. As a parent, it takes all the worries off your shoulder because they take care of all the things a party needs. They make all the kids (and guests) happy…. and that’s all that matters. so Thank you, Jollibee.

Happy 9th Birthday Ykaie! We lve you.

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31 Responses

  1. We’re having a Jollibee party for our boy this March.last year, we did everything. I’d still love to do it but now that I have a 3 month old baby to take care of, I just want to remove that extra burden and let other do it. Besides, kids love it. 🙂

  2. I think I will never experience having our kids celebrating their parties at Jollibee or any restaurant. Even when I’ve been makulit with our little boy (now 10 yrs. old) he would rather have his bday bash at home. Then I will ask him again if he want his bday party held in other exciting places- I even suggested celebrating it in a buffet restaurant the answer is always no- ‘are you sure?” I will ask again but then he will say no so I stopped making kulit since he plans for his own party which is centered around his favorite home cooked meals. Oh well his the boss! But just to share with you- adult birthday parties are very cool too. Just last year, we celebrated one of my friend’s birthday at Jollibee and it was a surprised party. Everyone had fun and satisfied with the yummy foods at Jollibee. Glad your daughter had a blast eh kasi naman Jollibee eh.

  3. I was supposed to have a Jollibee party for my daughter but they were fully booked! So I booked with McDonald’s instead. Seems like a great party! 🙂

  4. Oh what is witj kids and Jollibee (lol)?
    Your Ykaie is not so little anymore. I remember your birthday party beach theme post of your daughter way back. She is growing up fast and so pretty. Happy Birthday Ate Ykaie. Godbless you always.

  5. Happy Birthday to your child 🙂
    I agree to worry-free celebration with Jollibee (and even other fastfood chains) we had our Christmas party at Jollibee and it was fun. Their hosts are well-trained ano? 🙂

  6. Happy 9th Birthday! She’s as old as my son. My son also requested to have a birthday bash, too bad we cannot grant his request because we just had our Christmas holiday at HK and we don’t really set aside a budget for a party.

    But if budget permits, I would love to throw a birthday party at Jollibee again, the kids’ all time favorite. ?

  7. I have attended several parties at Jolibee, and may it be kid or adult’s party, it’s always a happy one! We’re also planning for our little man to celebrate his 7th birthday there, and that would be 4 years from now 😉

  8. Happy Birthday Ykaie! My husband and I are planning to have a Hello Kitty Paryi for the 10th birthday of my daughter in October. Hoping this will push through. God bless you, baby girl!

  9. Who doesn’t like Jollibee? My twins’ baptism in 2013 was wrapped up by a Jollibee party. Everyone was so happy! We were laughing a lot because the party was mostly composed of adults. Everyone was so eager to join in the fun.

  10. I agree! There really is something about Jollibee that makes children go crazy about him. Even my son mentions “bee” at the sight of a plastic bag with Jollibee’s face on it. Haha! We also had our son’s 1st birthday party at Jollibee and we chose the fun-tastic factory theme, too. It was a really fun day! 🙂

  11. The Jollibee Chicken Joy and Spaghetti combo never fails! Mukhang happy ang mga kids ha. This is a great reco especially for new moms like me. ☺

  12. Kiddie parties are always fun! 🙂 I remember seeing an ad with a photo of a little girl and Jollibee looking at each other with the tagline FIRST LOVE – IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES. Who doesn’t know Jollibee?

  13. Even adults enjoy Jollibee kiddie parties! Especially if Jollibee himself comes out and dances with the kids. 🙂 Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  14. Belated happy birthday to Ykaie! We’ve attended numerous parties in Jollibee and it’s always a fun experience but have never had one of our own held in any of their branches.

  15. My kids also get excited about Jollibee even if we don’t usually eat there. Haha! The mascot has its appeal, methinks. 😉 Looks like a wonderful birthday party! 🙂

  16. Belated happy birthday! We’ve attended several Jollibee parties and indeed it is such fun for the kids! Will for sure held one for my two kids soon! 🙂

  17. Ykaie is so pretty and belated happy birthday to her. It’s pretty obvious that she and the other kids enjoyed the party so much. Sulit talaga sa Jollibee.

  18. Happy Birthday Ykaie 🙂 I agree with you when it comes to Jollibee iba ang happiness ng kids. Sabi ko nga may feng shui yung ulo ni Jollibee 🙂

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