Chicken-nomiyaki from Tokyo Tokyo

Chicken-Nomiyaki California Maki Bento from Tokyo Tokyo

It’s already July but the adjustments here at home  — on Ykaie’s new school schedule, on the rainy day, my now terrible two, Twinkle (she’s getting smarter and more makulit)– just can’t seem to end. There are times when I feel a bit run down and it’s during times like these that I crave comfort of some of my favorite food. Most of the time for Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.

So I was happy that I could now get okonomiyaki from Tokyo Tokyo… AND not just your ordinary okonomiyaki. Tokyo Tokyo combined their very own version of savory Okonomiyaki Japanese pancake with their generously sized, juicy, and crunchy Big Chicken Katsu. It’s topped with tonkatsu sauce, japanese mayo, tempura crumbs, and onion leeks too to satisfy all our cravings!

Hello there, Chicken-nomiyaki!

If you’re gonna eat this alone (which I doubt you will, because of the hefty good-for-two-as-big-as-my-face serving), you may get it Ala Carte – that’s Chicken-nomiyaki + unli rice for ₱200.

Or if you’re a California Maki lover like me, you may want to get the California Maki Bento (₱260) which includes Chicken-nomiyaki + unli rice + 4pcs California Maki + red iced tea

Chicken-Nomiyaki Classic Bento from Tokyo Tokyo

If it’s raining and you feel like having soup with your meal, then may I suggest you try the Classic Bento (₱260) which includes Chicken-nomiyaki + unli rice + miso soup + jelly dessert + red iced tea.

Chicken-Nomiyaki Sumo Meal from Tokyo Tokyo

If you’re out with family or barkada, then you should get the Sumo Meal (₱385) which includes Chicken-nomiyaki + two unli rice + 4pcs Prawn Tempura + 2 Cucumber Lemonade. I believe this meal can be good for 3-4 persons because of the Big Chicken Katsu serving. You just have to order extra rice or California Maki.

Chicken-Nomiyaki Sumo Meal from Tokyo Tokyo

Just leave it to Tokyo Tokyo to combine two delicious dishes to create one flavor-packed meal.

Writing about this just made me crave for Chicken-nomiyaki. Yum!

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13 Responses

  1. I am really out of the loop. We don’t have anything like this around where I live. Everything looks delicious and nice to have different choices.

  2. I had something similar to this over the weekend and it was delicious. These portion sizes look really generous too!

  3. Mmm, I’d give this a try. I have no idea what chicken nomiyaki tastes like, but I try anything once. It sounds like something I’d enjoy.

  4. This looks so good! I’ve had okonomiyaki before and I enjoy it so much, I don’t think the ones I’ve tried has chicken in it though. I’m really curious about how this tastes! I’ve always loved Japanese food!

  5. Reading this article just made me crave for Chicken-nomiyaki too! I love to spend my weekend here.

  6. You had me at Chicken Katsu. Normally the portion is pretty small here at some of our restaurants AND it’s listed as a “shareable” ! I don’t want to share!

  7. I’ve never had Chicken-nomiyaki before but after reading this post I’m craving some really bad! lol I think I will have to go into the city to search for a place that makes it.

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