Make Every Day Daddy’s Day

Daddy’s Day

Did you know that Father’s Day is not simultaneously celebrated worldwide in the month of June?

In Russia, Father’s Day is recognized every February 23rd, in some countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain, Bolivia, Belgium, Croatia, Honduras, Andorra, Angola, Mozambique, Switzerland and Liechtenstein it occurs on March 19th, and it falls in the month of May for Romania, Tonga, Kazakhstan, Germany and South Korea. Some regions celebrate father’s day in other months like July, August, September, October, November and December, but most countries either observe or celebrate Father’s Day in the month of June.

But why celebrate only for a day when you can make Dad feel special every day? Do some little things that will make dad feel special and loved not just on Father’s Day but every single day of his life, from sunup to sundown.


Brew a cup of coffee and toast some bread with his favorite spread on top. Eggs and bacon would make a perfect pair for the toasts. Get the morning paper and place it on the dining table beside his breakfast so he won’t need to ask for it. Greet him with ‘good morning’ and a smile.

Tip: It would be nice if you still have the apron on when you greet him so he will know that his breakfast was prepared by some nice kiddo at home.


No matter how toxic your day in the office or in school, try find a minute or two to get in touch with him. Text dad or send a personal message and check if he has taken his lunch, otherwise make an early arrangement with Foodora for some nice hearty meal of pizza and veggie salad to be delivered to his office.

Tip: You can also post and tag him on Facebook or Instagram — a Throwback Thursday with his decades-old picture when his tummy was still flat. Suggested hashtags: #mysuperman or #needsomeextracashdad, followed by a smiley emoji.

Extraordinary Days

Make some days extraordinary, like Father’s Day, his birthday or Christmas. Get him a gift that could be both valuable and usable for him like cologne, a necktie or a cross-body bag. Or purchase a gift card at his favorite store and place in a nice red envelope and give this to him as a gift.

Tip: Maybe you can write some witty notes at the back of the envelope, ‘for reimbursement’.


Come home ahead of dad and prepare the dinner table for him. Greet him with ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ and bring him his slippers. Over dinner, talk about how your day went and ask him the same. Pour some wine in his glass from time to time and make sure that your phone won’t be a bother throughout the evening.

And would you mind sacrificing your tv series for a basketball game tonight? Sit down and watch his favorite show with him while munching on some chips or nuts. Have fun. It’s even more exciting for him if you cheer for the opposing team.

Tip: Before you retire to bed, bid him goodnight with a kiss on his forehead.

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  1. From rooftop barbeques to shopping sprees, these 10 simple gestures can make Fathers Day a truly special celebration for your dad.From David Beckham to John Legend, here are our favourite celebrity Father’s Day posts from the rich and famous.
    Great ideas. First time I am visiting this blog. I found many entertaining stuffs in this blog. I like your writing style and language. Your presentation is also good. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas.

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