Bagoong Club Tomas Morato

Bagoong Club Tomas Morato

So it was one rainy lunch and peanutbutter was craving for  Kare-Kare that we found ourselves in Bagoong Club Tomas Morato despite the heavy downpour.

The first time we tried Bagoong Club was at Bagoong Club Twin Lakes when we went to Canyon Cove and we loved their bagoong. Well, I’m really a bagoong lover and I prefer sweet ones over salty and spicy.

To start our meal, we were given diced singkamas with two kinds of bagoong. We easily finished it off and the server asked if we wanted some more. And we did, she refilled the chopping board with more singkamas and gave us more sweet bagoong as per my request.

Bagoong Club Tomas Morato

Of course when the Tinapa Roll (₱120) was served, we forgot about the singkamas. The tinapa roll was  deep fried spring roll made with smoked fish and served with a vinegar dipping sauce on the side. Ykaie loved it and couldn’t stop eating. FYI, she didn’t like singkamas nor bagoong! kaloka!

Bagoong Club Tomas Morato

Drinks were Mango shake and Sago’t Gulaman…

Bagoong Club Tomas Morato

It’ll always be the all-veggie kare-kare for me but peanutbutter loves the Traditional Kare-Kare (₱480) which meant it has Buntot and Twlaya (Ox Tail and Tripe). Thinking that the Lumpiang Ubod (₱180) is just small serving, I also ordered one but was surprised when what came out was good for four people!

Bagoong Club Tomas Morato

Ykaie requested we also order her favorite Adobong Baby Pusit (₱225) but said it tasted different. I think she was expecting it to taste like my Adobong Pusit… LOL!

Bagoong Club Tomas Morato

To cap off our meal was Turones De Sorbetes (₱160), Banana Rolls served with a side of your choice of ice cream : ube or mango.

Bagoong Club Tomas Morato

Bagoong Club is located at  122 Sct. Dr. Lazcano St, Quezon City.

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  1. I love bagoong but try not to eat too much of it! It’s so good with everything though.

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