I Tried KetoVegetarianPH

In an effort to go back to healthy eating and in order to lose the weight I gained back, peanubuttter and I tried a diet delivery service. I wanted low carb and plant-based so I searched online and found KetoVegetarianPH.

I got their BASIC Package which consisted of 3 meals and no snack for ₱2,795 for 5 days. here was a delivery charge of ₱400 amounting to a total of ₱3, 195. I paid through BDO and they delivered the meals the night before. They kinda delivered late in Caloocan. Next day’s meal would arrive at around 9-10pm.

Here’s what my five meals looked like:

I Tried KetoVegetarianPH

TUESDAYBreakfast: Japanese Ramen Inspired fragrant sesame breakfast bowl in mildly spiced miso soup; Lunch: Keto Sushi Rolls – organic cucumbers, jicama; Dinner: Wasabi Whipped Eggs

There was a typhoon that weekend, so my meal started on a tuesday. Breakfast was like a ramen but they noodles were shirataki noodles. Lunch was sushi rolls made with eggs, cucumbers, jicama, and mayo. Dinner was a lot like deviled eggs, only it tasted japanese. I was thinking I had mainly eggs on my first day. All were delicious, well, I didn’t know if that was the hunger talking but I did like it. Of course, I found the servings bitin being used to eating a lot more.

I Tried KetoVegetarianPH

WEDNESDAYBreakfast: Keto carrot and almond cake with butter cream cheese frosting; Lunch: Keto Burrito with Cheese Sauce; Dinner: Collagen Building Broccoli and buttery mild cheddar soup

Second day breakfast was good because it was cake with cream cheese frosting. And while I was envious of peanutbutter♥’s second day breakfast, I was happy with the fact that I am eating dessert. Lunch was good too and it tasted like a real burrito sans the rice. Dinner was thick soup and even if I wasn’t able to taste the broccoli in it, I find it creamy good.

I Tried Keto Vegetarian PH

THURSDAYBreakfast: Poached Egg in white pepper and tamari with buttered keto coffee bread; Lunch: 5-Cheese Lasagna with Chunky tomato Italian Herb sauce; Dinner: Anti-Bloat Mexican Style Chayote Soup

By my third day, I felt that I wasn’t bloated anymore. Breakfast was nice, I like eggs and coffee and butter. Lunch was also good, tthe lasagna was made with eggs. I would have liked it more if it was made with eggplant. (which reminds me, I want some eggplant lasagna this week.). Dinner was again a thick and creamy soup.

I Tried Keto Vegetarian PH

FRIDAYBreakfast: KetovegetarianPH Chocolate Cream Cake; Lunch: Mozzarella Pizza Frittata; Dinner: Keto Cheesy Slaw

Breakfast was chocolatey cake. Lunch was egg and pizza combo –a pizza fritatta. and Dinner was a coleslaw made with squeezed out cucumber and tofu bits.

SATURDAYBreakfast: Keto Mud Pie cheesecake; Lunch: Bac’Un Lettuce Tomato Sandwich; Dinner: KetovegetarianPH bestselling truffle cream pasta

My last day had some good meals.Breakfast was keto cheesecake – YUM! Lunch was a veggie BLT sandwich, and dinner was a truffle cream pasta made with shirataki noodles.

When I weighed myself at the end of the week, I  found out that I lost four pounds — in one week. I’m guessing this was because I didn’t have carbs or sugar and I ate a little amount of food.

What I liked about this experience:

  • Convenience – I didn’t have to cook food, it was already prepared, I only have to heat and eat.
  • I didn’t have to think of what to eat everyday — it was liberating, I must admit.
  • Some of the food were really good.
  • I don’t care much for the macros of the food but the menu card came with it. So if you care about those things, then you’ll probably love ketovegetarianph
  • The owner of ketovegetarianph is very nice. She even texted and asked how I’ve been doing while on their diet.

What I didn’t like about this experience:

  • It was pricey at ₱3, 195 for five days.
  • I would have loved meals with lots of vegetables. I was actually counting on meals composed of salads and roasted veggies. Well, because it was named ketovegetarianph
  •  The meals were delivered late at night.
  • The meals had super little servings especially those for dinner.

I didn’t order anymore the following week. I figured that while it is so convenient, ordering from a diet delivery service isn’t for me. I’ll just go back to cooking my own meals even if it meant more work.


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