Factors To Consider When Buying Quality Meat

To be able to fully achieve a healthy diet, you will need to choose your food carefully. When talking about red meat, people usually believe that eating it is a bit unhealthy while eating chicken is considered safe. However, this belief is not entirely true. For health conscious individuals, choosing the right quality of meat is crucial.

Factors To Consider When Buying Quality Meat

Meat is a great source of protein. Aside from that,  it also consist of high amounts of vitamins,  iron and calcium. So, it is crucial to choose the right kind of meat in order to get all its nutritional benefits. Here are some factors to keep in mind the next time you are going meat shopping:

Check The Color

The color of the meat says a lot about its freshness. Poultry meat from farms should be white or light pink in color. The meat should not have any green tint especially on the joints. The meat should not have any clots or bruises on its surface. When buying red meat, its color should be bright red. If the meat you are buying is vacuum-packed, the color might appear a bit brownish. This means it has good quality and will not be easily spoiled inside the refrigerator. Avoid meat that have dark brown or purple colors because these are signs that the meat came from an old animal or it is almost about to expire. If you see any discoloration or patches of discoloration on the meat you are buying, it means the meat has passed its prime or has been handled very poorly.

Look For The Right Cut

The “cut” will tell you what part of the animal the meat you are buying is from. Quality meat is taken from the back part of an animal such as the rump, ribs and tenderloin. Meat from the back of an animal are in higher demand which is the reason they are more expensive than others. A good cut of meat is also easier to cook whereas meat from other parts of the animal’s body is tougher and have a longer time to cook.

Look For Food Safety Standards

It is totally crucial that all packed meat products are approved by the food and safety department. Look for their certification label on the package to guarantee that all requirements and standards are met. This is one of the main reasons why you should refrain from buying meat from butcher shops since they do no guarantee of food safety.

Check The Smell

Poultry meat should be odor-free but may sometimes have a slight meaty smell. The fragrance of red meat will depend on the particular type of meat and there should not be a big difference from the usual smell of a lamb or a goat. Ensure that the meat you are buying has no foul odor.

Check The Firmness

Any type of fresh meat should neither be too soft or too tough. Check it by poking it. A good meat should slightly be pressed then bounce back to its original shape. Meat that cannot be poked or does not return its original shape means it has been stored in the shelf for too long. The meat’s muscle fibers should be clearly seen by the naked eye. If you touch it, your fingers must be dry rather than sticky. Good meat must not appear clear and damp when you cut it. When cutting red meat, one good sign it is high quality is that the meat does not fall off easily. Fat that is yellowish in color means the meat is not fresh.


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  1. All good tips for buying the right kind of meat! We definitely love steak once in awhile and ground beef. I think anything in moderation is fine, as long as the Dr says so!

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